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Policies Under Review

The following university policies are currently under review and changes will be considered at the next board meeting on April 15, 2014. As proposed changes are submitted to the Office of the Board of Regents, a link to the draft policy will be available below. If you would like to comment, please contact the appropriate administrator listed in each policy.

Academic and Student Affairs Committee:

Academic Advising for Undergraduate Students (6.2)
Academic Probation, Suspension and Reinstatement for Undergraduates (6.4)
Administrative Evaluation of Adjunct Faculty Performance (7.5)
Concurrent and Dual Credit Enrollment Programs (6.9)
Course Contact Hours (5.4)
Developmental Education and Texas Success Initiatives (5.8)
Drug and Alcohol Testing (11.6)
Employee Terminations and Transfers (11.10)
Establishing Centers, Institutes and Specialized Testing or Service Laboratories (5.10)
Longevity Pay/Hazardous Duty Pay (12.13)
Moving Expenses (3.23)
Parking and Traffic Regulations (13.14)
Performance Review of Officers Reporting to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (4.8)
Scholarship Disbursement (6.17)
Selective Service Registration (11.26)
Student Evaluation of Instruction (7.27)
Student Organization Formation (10.9)
University Website (15.10)

Building and Grounds Committee:

Driver Certification (13.7) (TO BE DELETED)
Training and Certification of University Vehicle Operators (13.23)
Vehicle Repair and Maintenance (16.34)

Finance and Audit Committee:

Budget Change and Additional Appropriation (3.4) (TO BE DELETED)
Budget Control (3.5) (TO BE DELETED)
Delegated Purchasing Authority (17.5)
Departmental Budgeting and Accounting Responsibilities (3.9)
Fixed Rate Tuition Plan (NEW)
Purchase of Used Equipment or Supplies (17.18)
Receipts and Deposits (3.26)
Returned Payments (3.27)
Vacation Leave (12.21)

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