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Policies Under Review

The following university policies are currently under review and changes will be considered at the next board meeting on April 14, 2015. As proposed changes are submitted to the Office of the Board of Regents, a link to the draft policy will be available below. If you would like to comment, please contact the appropriate administrator listed in each policy.


Academic and Student Affairs Committee:

Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities (6.1)
At Will Employment (11.2)
Commencement (6.8)
Digital Millennium Copyright (9.3)
Employee Scholarship Program (12.5)
Extra-institutional Learning Experiences in the BAAS Degree (5.11)
Financial Aid Code of Conduct (4.7)
Leave of Absence/Faculty and Staff (12.11)
Leave of Absence/Nonacademic (12.12) TO BE DELETED
Mobile Device Applications (15.2)
Parking and Traffic Regulations (13.14)
Probationary Period of Employment (11.21)
Salary Supplements, Stipends and Additional Compensation (12.16)
Staff Development (11.27)
Student Employment (10.6)
Terminal Degrees (7.3)
USA Patriot Act (11.31)

Building and Grounds Committee:

Rental of University Vehicles (16.23)
Security Systems (14.10)
Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products (13.21)
Solicitation on Campus (16.25)

Finance and Audit Committee:

Cellular Telephones and Wireless Communication Devices (3.6)
Establishing a New Departmental Account FOP (3.12)
Expenditure Authority for Financial Transactions (3.13)
Financial Exigency (3.15)
Gramm Leach Bliley Act Required Information Security (14.4)
Identity Theft Prevention (14.5)
Post Bond Issuance Federal Tax Compliance (3.5) NEW POLICY
Restrictions on Contracting with and Paying Certain Vendors (17.23)
Risk Management (13.19)
Student Accounts Receivable (3.28)

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