Policies Under Review

The following university policies are currently under review and changes will be considered at the next board meeting on July 29, 2014. As proposed changes are submitted to the Office of the Board of Regents, a link to the draft policy will be available below. If you would like to comment, please contact the appropriate administrator listed in each policy.

Academic and Student Affairs Committee:

Academic Appeals by Students (6.3)
Academic Appointments and Titles (7.2)
Academic Integrity
Academic Program Review (5.1)
Academic Unit Chair/Director Teaching Load (4.3) TO BE DELETED
Administration of Academic Units (4.4)
Allocation of Information Technology Resources (16.3) TO BE DELETED
Certificate Programs (5.2)
Course Fees (3.8)
Faculty Development Leaves (12.7)
Faculty Search (7.12)
Graduate Assistantships (6.12)
Grants and Contract Administration (8.3)
Hazing (10.3)
Illicit Drugs and Alcohol Abuse (13.11)
Instructor-generated Materials (7.16)
Intellectual Property (9.4)
Laboratory Fees (3.22)
Library Faculty (7.17)
Part-time Faculty (7.21)
Professional Educator's Council (5.16)
Public/Student Health (13.16)
Research Enhancement Program (8.11)
Resolving Faculty Disagreements in Issues Other Than Termination and Renewal of Contracts (7.25)
Selection of Academic Deans (4.9)
Student Conduct Code (10.4)
Student ID Cards (10.7)
Student Internships (11.29) NEW
University Awards Programs (12.20)
University Logo/Seal (15.6)
Volunteer Workers (11.32) NEW
Wellness Release Time (13.25) NEW

Building and Grounds Committee:

Alcohol Service (13.7) NEW
Class Meeting Times (4.12) NEW
Course Scheduling (4.13) NEW
Firearms, Explosives and Ammunition
Petitions and Handbills (16.19)
Piney Woods Conservation Center (16.21)
Signs and Exhibits (16.24)
Student Center Operations (16.26)
Use of Amplified Sound (16.31)

Finance and Audit Committee:

Fixed Rate Tuition Plan (3.4)
Items Requiring Board of Regents Approval (1.4)
Year-End Purchasing (17.24)

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