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Policies Under Review

The following university policies are currently under review and changes will be considered at the next board meeting on July 28, 2015. As proposed changes are submitted to the Office of the Board of Regents, a link to the draft policy will be available below. If you would like to comment, please contact the appropriate administrator listed in each policy.

Academic and Student Affairs Committee:

Access to University Records 2.1
Compensation from Grants, Contracts and Other Sponsored Agreements 12.1
Computing Software Copyright 9.1
Course Add/Drop 6.10
Dead Week 7.8
Effort Reporting and Certification for Sponsored Activities 8.1
Faculty Code of Conduct 7.11
Faculty Compensation 12.6
File Maintenance for Faculty Personnel Files 4.6
Financial Conflicts of Interest in Sponsored Activities 8.2
Grants and Contracts Administration 8.3
Illicit Drugs and Alcohol Abuse 13.11
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) 8.6
Misconduct in Federally Funded Research 8.7
Nepotism 11.16
Payments to Human Research Subjects 8.8
Prohibition of Campus Violence 13.5
Radioactive or Radiation-Producing Materials or Equipment 13.7
Research Development Program 8.10
Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Recipients 6.16
Service Awards 12.7
Social Media 15.11 (NEW)
Wireless Networking 14.11

Building and Grounds Committee:

Building Design Standards 16.6
Energy Conservation 16.10
Fleet Management 16.11
Kennedy Auditorium 16.14
Lease, Rental or Use of Off-Campus Facilities 16.15
Naming Guidelines 1.5
Rental of University Vehicles 16.23

Finance and Audit Committee:

Auditing a Course - Tuition and Fees 3.3
Best Value Procurement 17.1
Central Stores 17.3
Check Cashing 3.7
Contracting Authority 1.3
Delegated Purchasing Authority 17.5
Ethics 2.6
External Bank Accounts 3.14
Fixed Amount Awards
8.12 (NEW)
Indirect Cost Recovery, Distribution and Use and Fixed-Price Agreements 8.5
Institutional Reserves Fund 3.19
Memberships 17.10
Payment Card Acceptance and Security 14.8
Physical Plant Charges 16.20
Procurement Training 17.25
Purchase Requisition 17.19
Purchase Voucher 17.20
Purchases from Employees 17.21
Purchasing Ethics and Confidentiality 17.22
Travel 3.29

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