Stephen F. Austin State University

Graduation Instructions & Deadlines

Graduation FAQs

1. How do I apply for Graduation?

Apply in person - Rusk Building, Room 201 (preferred method for undergraduate students)

Apply by mail/e-mail - Bachelor Master/Doctoral (contact information is on the form)

**No electronic signatures will be accepted**

2. When do I apply for graduation?

The application dates for requesting a Graduation Audit are determined by the time of your intended commencement. Please refer to the list below:

  • MAY Commencement - Applications are taken September 15 through November 15 of prior year.
  • AUGUST Commencement - Applications are taken January 2 through March 2 of same year.
  • DECEMBER Commencement - Applications are taken April 1 through June 1 of same year.
3. Is there a fee to graduate?

The Graduation Processing Fee is $50.00 for the Bachelor's degree and $50.00 for the Master's or Doctoral degree. This charge is applied to your account. Please pay at the SFA Business Office or online through MySFA.

A late fee will be assessed to applications taken after the deadline date.

4. Why is there a registration hold "Applied to Graduate" on my account?
A registration hold will be placed on your account. The hold description is "Applied to Graduate" and the reason description is the month and year in which you plan to graduate. This hold is to prevent you from registering in any term after the one in which you plan to graduate.
5. How do I get the registration hold "Applied to Graduate" removed from my account?
  • If you need to register for additional courses in order to complete your degree, you MUST contact our office and move your graduation date.
  • If you are an overlap student, you will need to re-apply to the graduate school. You will not be able to register for the next semester until your undergraduate degree is posted to your account.
  • If you are an undergraduate student and you have been accepted into SFA's graduate school, you may not register until your undergraduate degree is posted to your account
6. What does "graduation under a particular catalog" mean?

To qualify for a degree, candidates may choose to meet the requirements of the current bulletin or of any bulletin in effect between the dates of their matriculation and graduation, provided that the period between such dates does not exceed six years and provided they were enrolled during the year of the bulletin chosen.

In the event students serve on active duty with the armed forces of the United States between the dates of their matriculation and graduation, the six-year limit will be extended for one year for each year of active duty served, up to a maximum extension of four years.

7. What information do I need to know about participating in commencement?

It is important that you review the SFA Commencement Instructions and Commencement Information well in advance of your commencement date.

Commencement Participation

  • When a student files for graduation, he/she indicates on the application whether or not they intend to participate in the commencement ceremony. Students can check on the preference registered by going to their MySFA account and clicking on the View Personal Graduation Information link. This preference can be changed at any time by e-mailing Include your name and ID number in all correspondence to SFA for identification purposes.
  • Students may only participate in the commencement ceremony corresponding with the intended graduation date and the assigned time. For May and December commencement ceremonies, students are assigned a specific time according to the college of their primary major. Participation in an earlier or later ceremony is prohibited. If the graduation date is moved, either by the student or the Dean's representative (advising center), then participation is also moved to the new graduation date. If the graduation date is deleted by either the student or the Dean's representative, then participation is also deleted. This includes any student who is moved or deleted the day prior to the commencement ceremony.
  • Students who apply for graduation during the two weeks prior to the commencement ceremony may not participate in the ceremony.