Stephen F. Austin State University

Texas Tuition Rebate

Certain Undergraduates May Qualify for a $1,000 Tuition Rebate


To be eligible for a rebate under this program, a student must:

The law provides for the rebate if the student graduates within three or fewer attempted hours of the number of hours required to complete the degree under the catalog under which the student graduated. For example, if the degree requires 120 hours to graduate and the student ultimately graduates with 123 attempted hours or fewer, he or she may qualify for the rebate. Beginning with students admitted for the first time in fall 2005, a student must also graduate in a timely manner to earn the tuition rebate. According to the most recent revision of the law governing the tuition rebate program, a student who wants to qualify to receive the rebate must graduate within four calendar years for a four-year degree or within five calendar years for a five-year degree.

Attempted Hours:

Attempted hours include every course the student has been registered for as of the official Census Date of every semester, to include:

to exclude:


Application for the tuition rebate happens automatically when the student applies to graduate.

See detailed information on the Texas Tuition Rebate program.