Stephen F. Austin State University

Commencement Instructions

It is important to note that applying and graduating are often two separate details. Please ensure you maintain good academic standing so as not to jeopardize your successful graduation.

Commencement Instructions

1. I have applied. Now what?

Applications are entered in the order in which they are received. Students will receive an e-mail when their application is entered. Once the application is entered, students seeking a Bachelor's degree must review their Graduation Requirements Audit with a Dean's Representative. Contact the numbers below for more information:

College of Business -- 468-4654

College of Education -- 468-2901

College of Fine Arts -- 468-2801

College of Forestry & Agriculture

  • Department of Agriculture -- 468-3705
  • Department of Forestry -- 468-3301

College of Liberal and Applied Arts -- 468-2205

College of Science and Mathematics -- 468-3902 (Watch your e-mail closely for a message from the Department of your major or Dean's Representative. If an e-mail is not received within two weeks or for further questions, call the number above.)

2. To View Graduation Information Online
  1. Log into mySFA
  2. Click on Academics
  3. To left of screen is a Graduation box
  4. Click View Personal Graduation Information link
  5. Read the information block and review your Personal Graduation Information
  6. Submit any changes to Include your name and ID number in the e-mail.
3. Before the Day of Commencement
Review the Commencement Information webpage.
4. Barnes & Noble - Cap & Gown


***Don't forget*** Caps and Gowns are here and available at Barnes & Noble!

Please fill out the cap & gown reservation form and bring it to the store, fax, e-mail, or mail it back to us.

Also, if you preordered yours please stop by the front counter at the bookstore to pick it up.

Remember to try on your cap & gown at least one week in advance.

Nursing Students - Nursing Pin order form.

Barnes & Noble is SFA's official graduation provider.


Barnes & Noble @ SFA
Office: 936.468.2108
Fax: 936.468.1001

5. Name Pronunciation

Please send your emails directly to Dr. Kenneth Untiedt at the following link:

If you have a name that has an unusual or difficult pronunciation, please contact Dr. Untiedt to help him learn how to say your name correctly. Please notify him only if your name is unusual; you do not need to contact him if your name (Stephen Johnson, for instance) is pronounced normally. You may email a written explanation of the phonetic pronunciation. An example would be:

Miché Untiedt (mi-shay un-teet)

You may also leave a voicemail at the number listed below.

It is strongly recommended that you write the phonetic pronunciation on the card you will hand Dr. Untiedt during Commencement. You will have time to do this prior to the ceremony beginning.

Kenneth L. Untiedt, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English
Secretary-Editor, Texas Folklore Society
(936) 468-4407

6. On the Day of Commencement
  1. REPORT TO THE COLISEUM AT LEAST AN HOUR BEFORE THE START OF THE CEREMONY. The doors will be open at 8:00 AM for a morning ceremony and 1:00 PM for an afternoon ceremony. The Registrar will provide instructions for participants minutes prior to the beginning of the ceremony. The Commencement academic procession will begin promptly at the appointed time. (see Commencement Information for commencement times)
  2. PICK UP YOUR NAME CARD at the southeast corner of the William R. Johnson Coliseum.

    KEEP THIS CARD. It will identify your section color, seat number, and row letter. This card will be used to call your name.
  3. FIND YOUR SEAT IN THE SOUTH BLEACHER AREA 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO CEREMONY START AND BE SEATED. Be certain you are in the correct seat. This will determine your location in the processional.
  4. LISTEN CAREFULLY TO THE INSTRUCTIONS! The Marshal will direct you when and where to walk in the ceremony. Please avoid any inappropriate behaviors that would distract from the service.
    1. Hand your name card to the first person on the stage. Your name will be called as it appears on this card.
    2. Your dean will hand you a diploma tube and shake your right hand.
    3. The President will shake your right hand and congratulate you.
    4. Walk off the end of the stage and stop for a photograph.
    5. Turn left and walk in front of the stage. Use the center aisle to return to your seat and be seated. You must remain in your seat on the coliseum floor until the academic recession at the end of the ceremony.
    6. When the commencement service is over the platform party will recess. At this time, you will march up and out of the coliseum led by a marshal. You will then be free to move about and receive congratulations from faculty, friends and family.
  6. If you need to change your diploma address, please notify our office at
7. Transcript Information
Contact the Library at 468-1497 and the Business Office at 468-6960 to make sure you have cleared all fiscal responsibilities to the university as this may prevent the release of transcripts.