Stephen F. Austin State University

How to Withdraw

Withdrawing or Dropping All Courses

The University uses the term withdraw to formally indicate that a student has dropped or will drop all courses for a given term. Withdrawing from the university differs from dropping one or several classes within a given term, because as long as a student retains at least one class, he or she is still considered to be registered for that term.


All withdrawals are handled in the Registrar's Office. No other office nor person has the ability to withdraw students. Beginning the first day of class the student must come by or contact the Registrar's Office to obtain a Withdrawal form. The amount of your refund and how much you owe SFA depends on when we receive the completed and signed form. A student withdrawing prior to the first class day will be assessed a matriculation fee of $15.


Deadlines for withdrawing are posted on the Registrar's Office website under the appropriate semester Calendar and Schedule of Deadlines link. Please remember that Summer terms have very abbreviated withdrawal schedules based on the individual summer sessions. Please refer to the Semester Calendar and Deadlines.

The Registrar's Office is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (except University holidays). Any form received after this time will be processed on the following business day if the following date does not exceed the deadline of the request.

Withdrawal grades will be determined by the date the student withdraws. W (Withdrawal) and WP (Withdraw Passing) grades do not affect GPA. WF (Withdraw Failing) will affect the GPA and counts as an F grade.


Once the Registrar's Office has withdrawn the student, the student may need to contact the following offices:

The student needs to understand that withdrawing from the University:

Students who have applied to graduate will need to contact the Graduation Office at Be sure to include your name and student ID number.

Transcript or registration materials will not be released unless all financial obligations are clear. Students may still owe money to SFA after withdrawing. If you have questions about financial obligations to the University, contact our Business Office (936) 468-6960.


** Refer to the current General Bulletin for tuition, fees, room & board payment procedure.