Stephen F. Austin State University

Work Request

Residence Life Operations

Office Location: Gibbs Hall, 1706 Clark Blvd.

Phone: 936-468-6623


Reporting Work Orders:

    Please read these instructions before submitting a work request online. You may enter a work order online using the AiM Work Order System, or you may report the problem to the front desk in your building.

    If you are reporting a work request to the front desk - DO NOT email the work request online (it will create duplicate information).

    When you submit a work request online, you will be sent an email with your work order number. Retain this work order number in case you need to call and check the status. Please wait three days before checking the status.

    When reporting the work request, give a detailed description and exact location of the problem to ensure that the Operations crew has the correct information to get the job done as quickly as possible.

    Do not put work requests in for high priority situations such as flood, fire, tripped breaks, plumbing stoppages, card readers, too hot/too cold, and light bulbs. Please call 936-468-6623 to report these situations.


        EQUIPMENT CHECK OUT: Brooms, dust pans and vacuums are available for you to check out at your front desk. You may check out this equipment by taking your student ID to the desk.

        SERVICES: Custodial, HVAC, Plumbing, Carpentry, Paint, Electrical, Outside Contractors and Work Control.




        Cleaning Tips and Damage Charges

        Click Tips and Charges for more detailed information on how to clean and estimated charges for damages and replacement of university property.

        Appliance suggestions: