Stephen F. Austin State University


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cable channels available on campus?

Come to the HD TV Event! 8/31-9/4 & 9/8-9/11 2015

You can see the attached cable channel lineup for the SFA campus on this attachment. SFA Channel Guide

In August 2015 Suddenlink transitioned its analog video TV service to high-quality digital TV service, which provides more channels and increased HD content. As part of this transition, only TVs with a digital QAM tuner will be able to view the new digital lineup. If a TV does not have an embedded QAM tuner or is enabled with an external QAM tuner, an error message or snowy picture will appear on the TV. Please see attached document for more information. QAM TV Transition Letter

What do I do if I need to stay over a holiday break?
Students who need to stay on campus over a holiday period may request to stay through their mySFA account. Click on the Break Housing Request link on your Residence Life Services page. This link will be available 1-2 weeks prior to the holiday. Your assignment will be confirmed through your SFA email account, if space is available. The charge of $10 per night will be billed to your student account.
Will my deposit be refunded?
Yes, if you cancel through your mySFA account by June 1 for fall; December 20 for spring; or May 1 for summer. Residence hall deposits will be credited to the student's account within 4-6 weeks (after cancellation or the end of the semester).
When will assignments for new students be made?

Fall assignments are made on April 1 for all first-year students (freshmen) and June 1 for transfer students.

Spring assignments are made the first week of January.

Summer assignments are made when you move in.

Admitted students will be given a residence hall assignment based on the date that the application process was completed. The process is complete when the meningitis shot record is received in the Admissions Department and when the residence hall application and deposit are submitted. The latest of these dates will be used as the priority assignment date. Students will receive an e-mail sent to their SFA e-mail account which provides instructions on how to view and accept the assignment. Assignments must be accepted through the student's mySFA account within two weeks. Failure to accept the assignment will result in reassignment to a new space.

What size sheets do I need?
The measurements below are for fitted sheets and will help ensure a proper fit. Do not be concerned with the top or flat sheet dimension, as it will be tucked under the mattress anyway and is not meant to be sized to the exact specifications of your mattress:
Twin (39" x 76")

Twin X-Long (39" x 80")

Full (54" x 75")

Refrigerators - May I bring my own? How do I rent a refrigerator?

Refrigerator Rental Request Form

Rentals are made on a first-come first-serve basis as we have a limited supply of refrigerators. Rental cost is $50 for the school year. Refrigerator will be delivered to your room. Please click the link above to fill out the form and submit it to request a rental.

Students living in Lumberjack Village, Lumberjack Lodge, or University Woods are provided a full-sized refrigerator and may not bring additional refrigerators nor are they allowed to rent a refrigerator from Residence Life.

Mini-refrigerators are provided in Steen Hall, Hall 14, Hall 16, Lumberjack Landing, Hall 20, North Hall, and South Hall. If you are living in these halls and would like to bring your own refrigerator or request an additional one, you may do so.

Students living in all residence halls except for Lumberjack Village, Lumberjack Lodge, and University Woods may bring their own refrigerator. It should not exceed 1.8 amps or 5.0 cubic feet.

What should I bring / What should I leave?
What the student may bring

Linens (standard twin or XL sheets fit our mattresses, Lumberjack Village private rooms have XL Full Size beds), toiletries, computer, stereo, television, umbrella, flashlight, tools, lamp(s), laundry supplies, cleaning supplies, iron, ironing board, clothes hangers, refrigerator* (see question above for which halls may and may not bring a refrigerator), snacks, room decorations, surge protectors.

What the student should leave at home

Extension cords, splitters/wall adapters, candles, incense, oil lamps, plug-in air fresheners, scentsy wax warmers, halogen lamps, neon signs, electrical cooking appliances, electric grills, crock pot, hot plate, sandwich maker/grill, portable heater or air conditioner, pets (other than fish in 10 gallon aquarium or birds in cages), fireworks, firearms, alcohol, drugs, refrigerators if you live in Lumberjack Lodge, Lumberjack Village, or University Woods, microwaves.

How will I get mail / How can my parents ship me a package?
All students residing in the facilities are required to rent a post office box from the Post Office in the Student Center. Deliveries by mail services such as UPS and Federal Express are accepted at the desk/office of each facility. Deliveries should include the student's name, facility, room number and street address of the facility that they reside in. You can find the address of each facility here.
Do I have to purchase a meal plan?
All students living on campus are required to purchase a meal plan except those living in units with a full kitchen (University Woods and Lumberjack Village Building 3).
Can I get a private room?
Private rooms are available as space permits for an additional $500 or $600 per long semester and an additional $200 per summer semester. See the Residence Life Department web site calendar for when private rooms are available each semester. These are issued on a first come basis in the lobby/office of each facility.
Are pets allowed in the facilities?
Students living on campus are not permitted to keep pets except small birds in cages and fish in aquariums no larger than 10 gallons.
I signed up for a quad in Village, what does that mean?
In Lumberjack Village Building 2 there are a limited number of units that have been converted to double-occupancy (quad) units. These suites have two bedrooms and one bathroom. Each bedroom will have two (2) students assigned to it, for a total of four (4) students per suite. Living in a quad unit is cheaper than a regular Village assignment.