Stephen F. Austin State University

Upper Class RLC

Upper Class RLC Descriptions 2014-15

The American Sign Language Immersion community is for Deaf or Hard of Hearing majors or ASL majors. Students in this community will learn strategies and resources for communicating when vocabulary is not known, visual communication strategies for daily living, and receptive skills for understanding diverse communication styles. Requirement: Completed ASL II or higher

The Beef Industries students can actively engage in discussions and interact with others about the beef industry. Students in this community will learn the size and scope of the industry, the importance of social and professional relationships, and career opportunities. Requirement: 2.5 GPA

The Community Service community will focus on providing community service opportunities for the residents. Through their service activities, students will gain a better understanding of how to improve the quality of life for others

The Honors Chemistry community is for honors students who are taking chemistry 133 section 002. This community is focused on science majors. The community will engage in enrichment activities of interest to the students such as: environmental issues, nanotechnology, ethical questions, genetic testing, horizontal fracking of shale and more. In addition, the community will have the opportunity to learn and present chemical demonstrations to K-12 children. Requirement: School of Honors Criteria

The International community will give American and international residents ways to interact with and befriend students from different parts of the world. There will be social and academic opportunities for students to learn about different cultures and to teach others about their own heritage

The Outdoor Experiences community will focus on activities that allow students to enjoy the outdoors and learn essential team-building skills. This community is advised by Jarred Thomas

The Pre-Nursing focuses on helping prepare students for potential careers in Nursing through peer interaction with current nursing students and faculty/staff interaction

The ROTC community will focus on further enhancing students military experiences, leadership, and teamwork

The Sustainability community will gather students interested in reducing their impact on the environment. Students will collaborate on small-scale initiatives that can be "scaled up" to the wider campus community, such as voluntary recycling, shutting off computers at night, walking and cycling to community destinations; participating in ARAMARK initiatives such as reusable take-out food containers, and sharing their activities. They may also, at the same time, enroll in the new major and minor in Sustainable Community Development

The Upperclass Honors focuses on incorporating Honors students into the activities and environment provided by the School of Honors in addition tohelping incorporate first year honors students into the campus culture. Requirement: School of Honors Requirement

The Wellness community will focus on wellness for upper class students. Through this community students will learn time management and stress management skills to lead to healthier lives in addition to learning overall health information