Stephen F. Austin State University

Upper Class RLC

Upper Class RLC Descriptions

Community Service

Community will focus on providing community service opportunities for the residents. Through their service activities, students will gain a better understanding of how to improve the quality of life for others

Honors Chemistry

Includes honors students who are taking chemistry 131 and 133.This community is focused on non-science majors and students will learn how to relate chemistry to their lives, lab skills, and the many aspects of chemistry in our daily lives. Requirement: School of Honors Criteria


This community will give American and international residents ways to interact with and befriend students from different parts of the world. There will be social and academic opportunities for students to learn about different cultures and to teach others about their own heritage

Outdoor Experiences

Focus will include activities that allow students to enjoy the outdoors and learn essential team-building skills. This community is advised by Jarred Thomas


Emphasis on helping prepare students for potential careers in Nursing through peer interaction with current nursing students and faculty/staff interaction

Upper class Honors

Will incorporate Honors students into the activities and environment provided by the School of Honors in addition to helping incorporate first year honors students into the campus culture. Requirement: School of Honors Requirement