Stephen F. Austin State University

First Year RLC

First Year RLC Descriptions 2014-15

Freshman Leadership Academy

Students are enrolled in special sections of SFA 101. These students will live together to encourage close collaboration on the major service projects that all four section contribute to and plan each fall while they learn improve their leadership skills. Requirement: Participant in FLA

First Year Honors

Community focuses on incorporating first year honors students into the activities and environment provided by the School of Honors. Requirement: School of Honors Criteria


Community is geared towards students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics who are enrolled in the fall section of Pre-Calculus. Through this community, students will learn how to study for STEM areas, be exposed to collaborative efforts of various STEM areas, and gain an understanding of STEM related fields


Community is geared towards serving our first generation students as an extension of the Generation Jacks program to increase self-efficacy, leadership skills, and the ability to use cooperative learning to promote efficient study habits. Requirement: Participant in Generation Jacks program