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Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management

Environmental Health, Safety, & Risk Management

We stress SAFETY because it affects you, your work, and the general well being of all employees as an important part of the University.

Mission Statement: The Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management Department will provide active leadership to enable Stephen F. Austin State University to protect employees, students, the general public, and the University's physical and financial assets by reducing and controlling risk in the most efficient and cost effective manner while adhering to all local, state, and federal regulations.

Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management Values include:

What's New

Available Training

The SFA Safety Department has many training course available including the newest MUV Training, Forklift Operator Training, and Aerial Lift Training.

MUV's (Motorized Utility Vehicles) include all golf carts, gators, mules, ATV's, etc. and are traditionally used to traverse campus common areas quickly and quietly. Recognizing there is an inherent danger of any small moving vehicle around traffic and pedestrians, SFA has established a program for the safe operation of these vehicles.

MUV Training - This pertains to all employees and student workers who a drive cart, ATV, Gator, Mule, etc. This training should be completed before driving an MUV and renewed every three years. The MUV Training is available online and if desired also has a class/discussion on the proper use, guidelines, and non-compliance consequences of driving an MUV.

Forklift Operator Training - This training is for any SFA employee that uses a forklift on campus. The training includes a discussion and hand's on section of the proper use, guidelines, and the consequences of non-compliance of driving a forklift on campus.

Aerial Lift Training - This class, discussion and hand's on training covers the proper use, guidelines, and non-compliance consequences of driving an aerial lift, provided for any SFA employee who uses an aerial lift on campus.

If you have a Fire, Life Safety or On-the-Job safety issue we would be happy to provide you with an established training or create a new one specifically to address any Safety challenges your department is in need of. Click here, Training, for a full list of training courses currently available.