Two new partnerships with area colleges are helping SFA reach out and encourage community college students and graduates to enroll as Lumberjacks.

SFA’s College of Liberal and Applied Arts has teamed with Lone Star College University Center at The Woodlands to offer one master’s and two bachelor’s degree programs.

SFA’s University Center office will draw students predominantly from the North Houston area seeking to build on associate degrees, vocational or technical training programs, military training, and occupational licensure or certification, or to work toward or advance in a social work career.

Degree programs available through the partnership include a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences, Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work. The B.A.A.S. option gives students holding an Associate in Applied Sciences or certificate program completers an opportunity to apply workforce education credit toward a bachelor’s degree.

“This partnership creates a pathway for people to move from a vocational/technical field into a bachelor’s and graduate program,” said Dr. Stephen Cooper, associate dean of SFA’s College of Liberal and Applied Arts and director of the Division of Multidisciplinary Programs. “It provides them an opportunity to advance their career or change career paths without losing all the work they’ve already done.”

Additionally, Cooper said offering a bachelor’s degree in social work is a good fit for the area because there are no similar degree offerings on the north side of Houston.

Cooper said there are only two Master of Social Work programs in the Houston area, and admission is very competitive, so the market demand is not being met. Cooper said SFA alumni from the Houston area who already hold a bachelor’s degree in social work will find this program particularly appealing because they can return home and also receive their Master of Social Work from SFA.

Many courses will be offered during the evening, online or through web and video conferencing, allowing students to pursue their degrees without interfering with their work schedules.

Tyler Junior College has partnered with the university to offer Destination SFA, which provides a seamless transfer process for TJC students who wish to transfer into a baccalaureate program at SFA.

“This articulation agreement offers myriad benefits for TJC students,” said Monique Cossich, SFA executive director of enrollment management. “TJC provides a special residence hall section reserved for students who plan to transfer to SFA, which enables them to make friends with other community college students who will someday be their classmates at SFA. The area also is decorated in an SFA theme to help them start to feel at home.”

Other benefits include a free SFA course to help facilitate the students’ transfer to SFA and connect them with Lumberjack life.

“The course will teach students about SFA’s many resources, including where to go to receive help. Students also will explore the various degree options SFA offers and discuss campus traditions,” Cossich said. “Once they arrive on SFA’s campus, it’s almost like they have already attended classes here. They are acclimated and ready to go.”

Additionally, TJC students will be assigned their own SFA financial aid counselor to help with scholarship and financial aid information, and when TJC students graduate and arrive at SFA, they will be able to remain close to home while pursuing bachelor’s degrees.

For more information about SFA’s B.A.A.S. degree offering at LSC University Center at The Woodlands, contact Cooper at (936) 468-6066. For information about the social work degrees, contact Dr. Freddie Avant at (936) 468-5105.

Contact SFA’s admissions office at or call (936) 468-2504 for more information about the Tyler Junior College partnership.