Stephen F. Austin State University

Information for Current Students

Important Dates and Deadlines

The Registrar's Office maintains a listing of important dates including graduation application deadline, final exam schedule, etc.

Remember: Check the D2L course calendar in each course you are taking for other important dates.

Practicum and Mentor Information

Financial and Tuition Information

Tuition reduction program is for M.Ed.-Leadership degree and Principal Certification, not for the Superintendent Certification Program.

Non-payment can keep you from being able to register and can remove you from classes you have already registered for, but not paid.

All questions, protests, appeals concerning billing and tuition must be processed in the appropriate business office: Registrar, Financial Aid, fees for EPP, etc. No financial decisions are made in the Department of Secondary Education and Educational Leadership and no financial issues can be resolved there.

Registering for Classes

Your tracking form that is created at the time of admission determines the order of courses and automatically permits you for next classes, as you complete a semester.

You must request and receive permission to change the order or semester in which a class is listed on the tracking form

Academic holds may be lifted. Contact the coordinator for more information. Financial holds must be resolved with the appropriate business office.

At this time, there are no pre-requisites in place. The Tracking form (which functions much like a degree plan) determines your courses. However, we may change the process so that a system of pre-requisites replaces the need for an ordered degree plan.

Beginning in Fall 2019, candidates are expected to enroll in AED 554 with or without a passing score on the 268 Principal as Instructional Leader Exam. There will no longer be a pre-requisite for passing the exam prior to registering for 554. If your course content material conflicts with this statement, it is because the content has not yet been updated.

Certification Process

Contact Information