Stephen F. Austin State University


SFA 101 Frequently Asked Questions

What is SFA 101?
The purpose of SFA 101 is to increase the college success of students who enroll in the course. It does this by helping students understand the transition from high school to college and by introducing students to the expectations and opportunities of university life. Successful participation in SFA 101 should result in improved critical thinking skills, higher college grade point averages, and greater likelihood of continued enrollment in college leading to eventual graduation.
Is SFA 101 mandatory?
SFA 101 is not mandatory but highly recommended to all incoming first year students.
Who teaches SFA 101?
Classes are taught by Stephen F. Austin administration, faculty, and staff.
How large are the classes?
There is a maximum limit of 25 students for each seminar. Some classes have more students in order to enroll them in a specialized section.
Is this class for credit?
Yes, students earn 1 semester hour of credit. It is letter graded and counts towards your GPA.
How do I know when the courses will be offered?
All incoming first year students will receive a SFA 101 flyer with an insert listing of the classes offered at Orientation. There are both general section and specialized sections (according to a student's major). Classes meet 2 hours per week. You can also visit the Class Sections tab on our website for a list of the current sessions being offered.
How difficult is this class?
Students tell us this class is their favorite class and that it helped them succeed during their college career. This class does require work, attendance, and participation, but student evaluations explain that the work seemed quite worthwhile.
How do I register for SFA 101?
During Orientation, students need to tell their advisor they want to take SFA 101 and use the insert inside the SFA 101 flyer that is in their orientation packet to fit a class in their schedule. There is room for all incoming first year students that wish to take the class.
If I don't get into a class during the fall semester during my first year, can I take SFA 101 later during my college career?
The largest number of our classes are taught during the fall semester. Students that fail the course or are new to the Stephen F. Austin State campus can take the spring class.