Stephen F. Austin State University



2:12 a.m.

by Kat Meads

Always the Detail

by Barbara Schmitz

Fire Season

by Miles Wilson

Lana Ladybug's Garden Party

by Carol Tollefson

Little Heretic

by Gerry LaFemina

Maps & Destinations

by Mary K. Stillwell

Never without Honor: Studies of Courage in Tribute to Ben H. Procter

by Archie P. McDonald

Nowhere All at Once

by Grace Bauer

Plain Folks, Planters, and the Complexities of Southern Society: A Case Study of the Browns, Sherrods, Mannings, Sprowls, and Williamses of Nineteenth-Century Northwest Louisiana

by Ricky L. Sherrod

Robert Frost: Six Essays in Appreciation

by Greg Kuzma

Sheep Can Recognize Individual Human Faces

by Greg Kosmicki

Summer Necklace: Ephemera of a Piney Woods Childhood

by Helen Houston

Texas 5X5: Twenty-Five Stories from Texas

by Jerry Craven

The Girl in the Grave: and Other True Crime Stories

by Carlton Stowers

Too Heavy to Carry

by Cat Dixon

Tourists of the Revolution

by Kathleene West

Bonnie and Clyde and Marie: A Sister's Perspective on the Notorious Barrow Gang

by Jonathan Davis

Casey Joe MacBride's White River Vol. 1

by R.F. McEwen

Heaven's Messengers and the Conquest of Mexico

by Donald E. Chipman

If Not Me Who? : What One Man Accomplished in his Battle for Equality

by Wendell H. Baker

La Cerca

by Piero Fenci

My Black Angel, Blues Poems and Portrait

by Kim Addonizio
Illustrated by Charles D. Jones

Plague Doctor in His Hull-Shaped Hat

by Stephen Massimilla

The Quiet Time

by Dimitri Keriotis

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