Stephen F. Austin State University



After the Tornado

by Diana Hueter

Baby that Ate Cincinnati

by Matt Mason

The Backlit Hour

by Jose Antonio Rodriguez

Death by Violin

by J.T. Ledbetter

Diedrich Rulfs : Designing Modern Nacogdoches

by Jere Jackson
Photographed by Christopher Talbot

Edge of Known Things

by Kelly Madigan


by Fernando Perez Valdez

The First Republic and A. Lincoln

by Donald Pickens

Little Houses

by Eleanor Swanson

Loose Change

by James E. Cherry

Nuggets from the Great Depression

by Lois Scott

Safe in Your Head

by Laura Valeri


by Rebecca Hoogs

Sudden Loss of Dignity

by Gary Soto

To Spin a Yarn : Distaffs: Folk Art and Material Culture

by Michael T. Ricker