Stephen F. Austin State University

Advising Information

Students may make an appointment to see a faculty advisor at any time during the semester. Generally, students are assigned an advisor based on the first letter of their last name. However, students may ask any faculty member to advise them. All students with fewer than 60 hours completed and without degree plans must get advised prior to registration each semester. After completing a degree plan, students must be advised at least once a year prior to registration. Any students on academic probation must get advised.

Faculty advisors not only meet with students about semester registration, but also about plans for graduate school and career opportunities. Sometimes specific courses may serve better than others with respect to certain career plans. Talking to an advisor early on in their academic career can help students identify academic goals that will better ensure their later success.

Advising Procedure for all Psychology Majors

If you have earned less than 45 credit hours:

  1. Contact the Office of Academic and Career Advising in the Ferguson Building (room 290, 468-2205) for an appointment as soon as possible. You may be able to do a walk-in, but there are no guarantees. If you prefer, you can be advised by your advisor in the Department of Psychology.
  2. A Plan of Study (formerly known as a Degree Plan) form will be handed to you that has been updated with all courses you have completed since the last advising period. You will also receive an information sheet outlining which courses may be used to fill the various requirements and an advising survey. Before you can meet with an advisor, you will be asked to choose the courses you want to take in the coming semester(s). So, you may want to arrive a little early to fill out that paperwork.

The advisor will review your choices and approve them or discuss changes with you. Your hold will be advanced, allowing you to register for the semesters for which you were advised.

PLEASE NOTE: you can do this anytime. Following the official advising period each Fall and Spring, you will have to make an individual appointment with your advisor at his/her convenience. Be ahead of the game and get the sections and schedule you want before classes fill up!

If you have earned 45-59 credit hours:

Please make an appointment with your departmental advisor. ALL APPOINTMENTS ARE MADE THROUGH THE SONA-SYSTEM. Unless there was a problem, you should keep the same advisor throughout your academic career; don't change unless you need to.

If you have earned 60 credit hours or more:

You must bring a copy of your Official Plan of Study to your advising appointment (

  1. If you have misplaced your copy, get one from the department office in ED 215.
  2. If you have NOT filed an Official Plan of Study, you will be required to do so before meeting with an advisor.
  3. IF YOU HAVE EARNED 90 HOURS OR MORE, you need to file for graduation. This will ensure that you are taking the appropriate classes.

To determine how many credit hours you have earned:

Log on to mySFA and look at your transcript. The number you want to look at is the Cumulative EHRS, which stands for Earned Hours.