Stephen F. Austin State University

Graduate Courses

*Note: Not all courses are offered every semester; please refer to the course description and course schedule for each semester's course offerings.

Course, Title & Description Semester Offered

500. Psychology Proseminar

3 semester hours. This course will include graduate-level coverage of professional issues in the field of psychology. Students will be introduced to faculty research and will be guided in building professional portfolios and developing individual research interests.

Spring only

501. Advanced Statistics in Psychology I

3 semester hours. Course covers statistical methods and research designs that are applicable to psychological research. Students are exposed to experimental designs. Particular attention is given to the analysis of variance and related techniques. Along with hand calculations, computer-based data analyses will also be performed.

Fall only

504. Biopsychology

3 semester hours. Examination of current knowledge on how psychological processes such as development, perception, learning, memory and cognition; states of consciousness; and the emotions, both normal and abnormal, relate to underlying genetic, biochemical and physiological properties of the nervous system in humans and other animal species.


507. Advanced Statistics in Psychology II

3 semester hours. Course covers statistical methods and research designs applicable to psychological research. Students are exposed to experimental and non-experimental designs. Particular attention is given to correlation, simple regression, and multiple regression. Along with hand calculations, computer-based data analyses will also be performed.

Spring only

508. Cognitive Psychology

3 semester hours. Examination of basic and advanced topics in cognitive psychology, including sensory memory, pattern recognition, divided and elective attention, traditional and connectionist models of memory, mental imagery, semantic memory, and language comprehension.


514. Organizational Psychology

3 semester hours. Review and examination of the field of organizational psychology. Topics include structure, communication, leadership, motivation and work teams. Special emphasis placed on organizational theory and research.


516. Decision Making

This course will familiarize students with the major theories, developments, people, tasks, constructs and applications of the empirical study of decision making. Topics will include the history of decision making, theories of decision making, decision making across the lifespan, expertise, heuristics and biases, key tasks and effects in decision making, risk and rationality, risky decision making and the neuroscience of decision making.


517. Ethics & Research in Psychology

3 semester hours. Standards, legal issues, and ethical responsibilities pertinent to the psychologist in academic, private and government agency, and laboratory settings.

Fall only

518. Advanced Psychopathology

3 semester hours. Review of research regarding diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders from the current DSM organization perspective, including review of substance abuse and psychotropic medications.


525. Teaching Seminar

Issues include ethics, syllabus, and exam construction, classroom management, and theories of collegiate teaching. Discussion and experience in use of various forms of technology in the classroom, and distance education. Students present a lecture applying issues and using tools of information technology.

Summer Only

526. Advanced Developmental Psychology

3 semester hours. This course includes advanced study of growth and development processes throughout the life cycle. Theories and current research are examined considering physical, mental, emotional, and social growth and development. Development is studied in varying cultural contexts and social situations.


534. Advanced Applied Psychology

3 semester hours. This course will include a graduate-level overview of applications of psychological methods, theories, principles and research findings to understanding and resolution of social problems. Students will explore diverse topics such as environmental psychology, health psychology, poverty, child care, and schooling.


535. Advanced Tests and Measurement

3 semester hours. Course covers commonly employed psychological tests and the statistical techniques used to develop and validate these tests. Students will build essential skills in the use of measurement techniques and experimental software applied in current psychological research.


539. Human Factors Engineering

3 semester hours. Study of applying human performance and human-machine system interaction and design. This includes the analysis and design of systems considering human characteristics, capabilities and limitations for topics such as displays, controls, tools, workstations, human-computer interaction, transportation, safety, biomechanics, virtual environments, health and medicine, aging and disabilities.


561. Advanced Social Psychology

3 semester hours. Focused coverage of the scientific literature relating to psychological aspects of human social behavior. Topics covered will include the following: attribution and social perception, attitude formation and change, prosocial behavior, aggression, attraction, social influence and applications of social psychology.


575. Advanced Graduate Studies

One to four semester hours credit. Individual study: library research or laboratory training with term report on assigned problem. Not to be used as substitute for thesis credit. May be repeated under different topics.

Any semester

585. Advanced Research Design

3 semester hours. This course will provide students with the opportunity to conduct collaborative research for 10 hours a week under the supervision of a qualified faculty researcher. In addition, weekly class meetings will provide information on a variety of research methods and experimental design issues.


589** Thesis Research

3-9 semester hours. Research for thesis proposal. Grade withheld until completion of thesis. Prerequisites: Admission to departmental degree candidacy and consent of thesis director.

Any semester

590** Thesis Writing

3-9 semester hours. Writing of thesis. Grade withheld until completion of thesis. Prerequisites: PSY 589 and consent of thesis director

Any semester

**Once registered for PSY 589, a student must register for PSY 589 or 590 each semester or summer session until the thesis is completed.