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How to make an APA style graph

Tips for Writing

1. Go to the AARC Writing Center for proofreading and assistance in writing. They are on the first floor of the library and they are super helpful!!

2. When discussing the research article or other sources, it is appropriate to talk about them with their last names and the year of the publication. For example, Rind and Bordia (1996) had 2 servers, one female and one male, interact with the participants. Alternatively, you can use a fact statement and then cite the source in parentheses at the end. Waitresses who displayed friendliness often received larger tips (Rind & Bordia, 1996).

3. Always use past-tense when discussing what was done in a published study. Past-tense verbs include, but are not limited to: had, participated, asked, was, and concluded.

4. It is easier to read statements in an active tense rather than a passive tense. For example, "The servers delivered the checks facedown to the participants" is better than "The checks were delivered facedown to the participants by the servers."

5. Make sure that each sentence is a complete thought. Generally, this means that the statement starts with a noun, has a verb, and ends with the object. If you are not sure if it is a complete sentence, read it by itself to a friend. If they can understand the sentence, then it is likely a complete thought.

6. Do not start sentences with words like "Because," "So," and "Since." These words are most likely going to start an incomplete sentence.

7. Avoid using the thesaurus to find "intelligent-sounding" words. You will sound more intelligent using words that you are comfortable using and you won't accidentally use a word incorrectly.

8. Make sure to use the correct spelling for these words:

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