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Faculty Research

Faculty Research

Dr. Lauren Brewer

My research focuses on two related topics, self-regulation and free will belief. My research on self-regulation has examined how people's ability to exert self-control and make decisions can be replenished by glucose. My work on belief in free will is a matter of understanding how people's basic, philosophical beliefs affect their cognitions and actions. I have studied how people's belief or disbelief in human free will influences such things as how they judge moral responsibility and whether they forgive someone who misbehaves. These topics are related because actions of self-control are often based on the assumption that different courses of action are open to the person, who may choose which course to follow.


Dr. Steven Estrada

Together with collaborators, Dr. Estrada's research currently:


Dr. Mark Ludorf
Cognitive psychology research areas include attention, selective attention, divided attention, and memory. Other areas of research include leadership, applied statistics/methodology and computer and information technology applications in higher education. I also lead multiple study abroad courses to Italy.
Dr. Sarah Savoy

Together with collaborators, Dr. Savoy is currently investigating:

More information and Lab Applications are available on her website:

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Dr. Robert Polewan: Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory

Dr. Sarah Savoy: Social Development Lab