Stephen F. Austin State University

BSW Field Instruction

BSW Field Instruction

Students in the BSW social work program have an exciting and unique opportunity to learn not only in a classroom setting but also in an agency setting with clients, under the supervision of a professional social worker. Field instruction in the BSW program ensures that students are able to identify and apply practice behaviors used by social workers practicing generalist practice, prior to graduation from the program. This takes place because students learn knowledge, values and skills in the classroom and are directed in how to make application of that content in the agency setting. Trained Field Instructors from over 90 agency sites in the region (representing a variety of fields of practice) are utilized to provide students with the rich experience of Field Instruction.

Junior Field Instruction

In the initial field instruction experience, students spend approximately eight hours per week in an agency setting under the supervision of a Bachelors level Social Worker. This field experience is designed to begin the process of socialization into the profession. Students are able to observe the day-to-day activities of a social worker, observe client interactions and examine the social service delivery system within the agency. Students are also introduced, through observation experiences, to the application of practice behaviors and the core competencies of the BSW program.

Senior Field Instruction

In the final or senior field experience, students are required to spend four days in the agency. At this level, having received the knowledge, values and skills in the classroom, students engage in supervised practice in the agency setting. Senior students, having completed this field are able to demonstrate measurable practice behaviors in support of the program's competencies.

Note: It is the desire of the School of Social Work to assess each student fairly using the same criteria. The BSW program does not grant credit for previous work experience. Therefore, all students must complete the field instruction placement, regardless of previous work experience.

Students with a criminal history record should contact the School of Social Work for information concerning implications for placement and licensing.