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MSW Field Instruction

MSW Field Instruction

Field Instruction in the MSW program is comprised of three sequential field instruction experiences: Field I, Field II and Field III. Each experience is designed to provide an educationally directed Generalist (Field I and II) and Advanced Generalist in the Rural Context (Field III) practice experience in a social agency where students demonstrate the practice behaviors which augment ten core competencies of the Social Work program. Students integrate classroom knowledge with actual practice opportunities under the supervision of a MSW Field Instructor. This takes place because students learn knowledge, values and skills in the classroom and are directed in how to make application of that content in the agency setting. Trained Field Instructors from over 90 agency sites in the region (representing a variety of fields of practice) are utilized to provide students with the rich experience of Field Instruction.

Advanced standing students are exempt from Field I and Field II (Foundation Fields), thus only required to complete Field III (Advanced Practicum). Students completing Foundation and Advanced Field Instruction are capable of demonstrating measurable practice behaviors and the program's core competencies.

MSW Field I and II

Field I and Field II consist of 200 agency-based hours each with a one -hour weekly integrated seminar. This is a concurrent field experience for full-time students. Part-time students will complete pre-requisite social work course work outlined in the curriculum plan. Students remain in the same agency for both Field I and Field II. Field Instruction I and II are required for all MSW students without advanced standing.


Field Instruction III consists of 500 agency-based hours with a two-hour weekly integrated seminar. Field III is required for all students in the MSW program and must be completed on a full-time basis for full-time students. Part-time students may take Field Instruction III over two semesters or as a block placement (one semester).

Note: It is the desire of the School of Social Work to assess each student fairly using the same criteria. The MSW program does not grant credit for previous work experience. Therefore, all students must complete the field instruction placement, regardless of previous work experience.

Students with a criminal history record should contact the School of Social Work for information concerning implications for placement and licensing.