Stephen F. Austin State University


Student Association of Social Workers (SASW)

SASW is recognized by the student government organization at SFA as the general membership organization for social work majors. Membership in SASW is open to any pre-social work or social work major, and the group elects its own officers. Dues are charged to active members who may vote on decisions before the group. No student is barred from participation in the activities of the group for nonpayment of dues.

The social work association's purpose is to provide students with an opportunity to become involved in both campus and community activities that promote social work values and practices for individuals and groups in the community. It also provides a system of networking among social work students and a liaison with social work faculty and staff. Each year social work association members choose service projects that enhance learning and commitment to the values of social work.

2016-2017 SASW Officers: Alicia Hansen (far left), Meagan Gross (left), Shelby Kolek (center left), Madison Kelley (center right), Brittany Foster (right), and Brianna Horton (far right)