Stephen F. Austin State University


Association of Graduate Students of Social Work

The Association of Graduate Students of Social Work is a student organization that is comprised of graduate level social work students receiving their Masters in Social Work. Membership is open to any graduate social work student in good standing. Officers are elected in the organization and dues ($10 per person per semester) are collected from active members. The organization is assigned an advisor, who is a full time member of the School of Social Work faculty. The advisor helps coordinate ideas, acts as a guide for activities, and informs other faculty of our activities.

The association provides an opportunity to become involved in our school and community environment. We hold fundraisers for different issues such as scholarship funds, National Association of Social Workers conference, and other important issues voted on in the meetings. We choose service projects to enhance the quality of life here in rural East Texas and that coincide with our social work values taught by the profession. There are many advantages to becoming involved in AGSSW while attending graduate school: it provides a system of networking among peers in your classes, allows involvement in the community, provides services to others (which is what social work is all about), and creates a more enjoyable atmosphere while attending graduate school.

The Association of Graduate Students of Social Work builds friendships, changes lives, and better prepares you for building relationships and practicing social work after graduation. It is a voluntary involvement that enhances your graduate school of social work experience.