Stephen F. Austin State University


National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

NASW is a national organization serving the critical and diverse needs of the social work profession. NASW provides a wide variety of services designed to help students achieve full potential as social workers. These services include NASW professional publications, conferences and educational opportunities, networking opportunities, and the annual subscription to the NASW journal Social Work.

NASW is significant in providing a lobby effort for social workers at the state and national level. Students joining the National Association of Social Workers may do so at a reduced rate.

Each year students are encouraged to attend the NASW/Texas Conference. Some students are selected as monitors for the various sessions, thus providing them with further educational opportunities and growth experiences.

Application forms are available in the departmental office. Faculty and staff are available to assist students if they have questions. For more information see the NASW and NASW Texas websites.