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SFA Dance Marathon

History of SFA Dance Marathon

2016 marked the inaugural year of SFA Dance Marathon. A new program that supports the Children's Miracle Network, more specifically CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health Systems in Tyler, TX. Students of SFA fundraise all year long "For The Kids" and the equipment and professionals they need to prevail through illnesses of all kinds.

These students make sure that our fundraising efforts do not go without celebration. The annual SFA Dance Marathon is held each spring as a HUGE celebration of our funds raised as we dance the night away with local Miracle Families. Attendees hear stories of the children their funds have impacted and celebrate the total reveal.

2019 Fundraising Goal $50,000 | Actual Raised: $31, 659.26

2018 Fundraising Goal: $23,000 | Actual Raised: $33, 085.51

2017 Fundraising Goal: $23,000 | Actual Raised: $7, 477.54

2016 Fundraising Goal: $23,000 | Actual Raised: $8,336.25

SFA Dance Marathon

Student Leadership

Camarin Guillory Elizabeth
Rachel Ballback Sarahi Butron Melanie
Kailynn Greer Katie Pecktal

Executive Director
of Operations

Operations Committee

Assistant Director of Operations

Executive Director
of Internal Relations

Morale Committee

Assistant Director
of Internal Relations

Decorating Committee

Executive Director
of External Relations

Social Media Committee

Assistant Director
of External Relations

Outreach Committee

Greek Life Relations

What is SFA Dance Marathon?

Established in Spring 2016, SFA Dance Marathon program is a partnership between Stephen F. Austin State University and Children's Miracle Network at CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health Systems in Tyler, Texas. Students who are looking to further develop their transferable skills of communication, decision making, influence, organization and teamwork, work together to plan and implement our university's annual Dance Marathon.

Benefits of SFA Dance Marathon:

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