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Getting Started

The Basics of Recruitment

Recruitment is the period when sororities seek new members to join their chapters. Sorority events at SFA are hosted by NPC throughout the summer at New Student Orientation. At NPC-sponsored events, you'll get the chance to meet members from multiple campus sororities. At all events you'll learn about Greek activities, new member programs and, perhaps most importantly, get a feel for the uniqueness of each chapter.

Because each sorority at SFA does have its own unique qualities, it's important for you to keep an open mind throughout Recruitment. By asking questions, you can better decide where you fit best.

Here are some questions we recommend you keep in mind:
* Is this chapter in line with my personal values?

* What activities is the chapter involved with on campus?

* How will membership in a specific sorority benefit you?
* How much are dues or fees?
* What are the housing requirements?
* What kind of scholarship program does the chapter offer?
* What is the meal plan?
* How does this chapter support its national philanthropy?

Eligibility requirements to participate in recruitment are

Please be advised that every sorority has established its own academic requirements, most of which are significantly higher than the SFAPA requirement. Many chapters follow the guidelines set by their inter/national organizations when deciding to offer invitations and bids.

It is also important to note that very few grade exceptions are made by each chapter. Potential members who do not meet a chapter's academic requirements are released early in the recruitment process to allow them the opportunity to explore other alternatives. However, grades are considered throughout the entire process.

Recruitment Information

Women's Panhellenic Recruitment is the process through which potential new members consider sororities, and sororities choose new sisters. The formal Recruitment period is composed of three rounds where potential new members (PNM's) visit each of the five chapters on SFA's campus. Through a process of mutual selection, girls narrow their choices until following the last round, then finally select a sorority.

Women's Recruitment for Fall 2016 will be Saturday, August 27 - Tuesday, August 30.

Women who choose to participate in the Recruitment process are required to pay a nonrefundable $75 registration fee. Your registration is not completed until this fee is payed. This fee covers administrative cost, room reservations and transportation to and from Sorority Row. Payment may be by debit or credit card and will be done online when you register.

SFA Panhellenic New Member Convocation
Baker Pattillo Student Center Theater, Room 2.210
Friday, August 26 at 5 p.m.

Dress is casual. This is the first chance to see and meet all the women participating in Fall Recruitment as well as your Rho Gamma! Rho Gamma's are women who disaffiliate from their chapters for an entire summer and beginning of the school year in order to help guide and counsel the pnm's, without favorable intensions for their own chapter.

For more questions call 936-468-3723 or email

Recommendation Letters

Recruitment Fashion

Listed below is the who, what and wear of each day of Recruitment:

Round 1: Philanthropy Events/Open House Event During

Each potential new member (PNM) will visit each of our five chapters.

The dress for this day is the Panhellenic t-shirt, shorts, leggings, sandals or flats. Remember, you will be outside walking from house to house in the Texas heat.

Round 2: Skit and Slide Show Events During

Each PNM visits up to four chapter houses (not everyone will).

The dress for this round is sundress, skirt & top or pants and top with flats.

Round 3: Preference Events During

Each PNM visits up to two chapter houses (not everyone will).

An appropriate dress for this round is a one you mightwear to church or a wedding reception.

Bid Day

This is were you will meet your new sisters!!! Most potential members choose

to wear shorts and a light colored or white t-shirt with tennis shoes.