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Student Affairs Graduate Program and Assistantships

M.A. in Student Affairs and Higher Education

The Masters of Arts degree program in Student Affairs and Higher Education provides a strong foundation in the profession and practice of Student Affairs. It offers opportunities to develop expertise in the various areas of Student Affairs. Students gain knowledge regarding programming, student activities, program evaluation and assessment along with administration, finance, and legal and ethical standards. Students learn about the developmental stages of college students and ways to enhance the college experience. The fieldwork component of the program offers students the opportunity to apply what they have learned.

Candidates in the master's program in Student Affairs and Higher Education complete a 42 hour curriculum which includes coursework specific to Student Affairs such as college student development, leadership, administration and finance, ethical and legal issues, research and program evaluation, and a 6 hour practicum.

This graduate program prepares students to work in the following Student Affairs fields:

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Student Affairs Programs Graduate Assistants

The Office of Student Affairs Programs (SAP) employs 6-7 graduate assistants in the areas of Student Engagement Programs, Orientation Programs, and the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Our graduate assistants have the opportunity to work alongside professional staff to advise university sponsored student organizations, plan large-scale and annual programs, implement a variety of initiatives, and contribute to research and assessment.

Benefits of being a Graduate Assistant in Student Affairs Programs:

Graduate Assistant Positions by Office:

Office of Multicultural Affairs

Multicultural Affairs Graduate Assistantship

Office of Multicultural Affairs

Office of Student Affairs Programs

Student Affairs Programs Graduate Assistantship

The Student Affairs Programs department provides overall development and management of areas including, Spirit Team Programs, Student Engagement Programs (Leadership and Service, Jack Camp, Greek Life, Student Organizations, Traditions Council, Homecoming), Orientation Programs and Weeks of Welcome, and Multicultural Affairs.

Office of Student Affairs Programs

Orientation Programs - includes Lumberjack Orientation and Weeks of Welcome

Parent Programs Graduate Assistantship

Parent Programs

Weeks of Welcome Graduate Assistantship

Weeks of Welcome

Student Engagement Programs - includes Greek Life, Leadership, Service, Student Activities, Student Organizations & Jack SORC

Greek Life Graduate Assistantship

Greek Life

Leadership Graduate Assistantship


Student Activities Association Graduate Assistantship

Student Activities Association

Application and Interview Process

Student Affairs Programs Graduate Assistant Interview Day for 2018-2019 Positions is Friday, May 4, 2018.

The Student Affairs Programs Graduate Assistant process is designed to replicate a professional job interview for an entry-level position within the field of Higher Education. Graduate students who are currently enrolled, or newly admitted, into an SFA graduate program are eligible to apply.

The application process for our 2018-2019 graduate assistant positions has ended.

Qualifications and Skills

Student Affairs Programs GA applicants should either be admitted to a graduate program or be a current graduate student at SFA with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Applicants should also have the following skills:

Graduate Assistant Interview Day

Selected applicants will take part in a full-day interview process with Student Affairs Programs staff. The Interview Day will begin at 9 a.m. and conclude with an individual interview with the selection committee, which will be scheduled between 2 - 5 p.m.

Light breakfast and lunch will be provided during the Interview Day. Professional dress will be required. Additional details will be provided via email on April 23, if invited to join us for Interview Day!