Stephen F. Austin State University


Student Affairs Programs Assessment

The Office of Student Affairs Programs is dedicated to ensuring our programs and services are of the highest quality and promote engagement and learning amongst our students. In order to verify our stated learning outcomes we have designed a comprehensive assessment plan and build our program assessments around this plan. Over the course of the assessment cycle we will post reports, information and other supporting documents in an effort to bring you the best information possible on the success of our programs. If you have any questions about our assessments or how we develop them please feel free to call Dr. Hollie Smith, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for Programs, at (936) 468-1018 or email her at

Student Affairs Programs Learning Outcomes

As a result of participating in Student Affairs Programs, the student will. . .

  1. Learn accountability and institutional pride to maximize their own individualized talents and skills to collaborate with others and to motivate them toward a common goal.
  2. Gain skills to help them communicate effectively and professionally, using written, oral and nonverbal expression. Students learn to listen actively and effectively, to evaluate ideas, and to form meaningful interpersonal relationships.
  3. Maintain and balance a budget to effectively manage one's time. Students learn to build strategies for planning, implementing and evaluating an event, taking into consideration University policies and risk management.
  4. Interact with others who are different from themselves. Students gain an increased appreciation for diversity and attain valuable skills for success in a pluralistic society. Beyond tolerance, students increase their understanding of the beliefs, values and world views of others.
  5. Define, refine and clarify their values. Students learn to keep congruence between these beliefs and their actions, and to ethically balance their personal interests with the interests of others and society as a whole.