Stephen F. Austin State University

Student Leader Spotlight

Sandie Durham

Classification: Junior

Major: Physics/Engineering

Hometown: Palestine, Texas

Organization/Position: Purple Haze Association; Jackhammer Student Director

What organizations and/or offices are you involved in? Purple Haze Association; Jackhammer Student Director

What have you gained from being a student leader?

I've gained a better time management skills. I now know what it takes for me to get my daily tasks done and do them well. I am more self-aware. Being an influence and setting an example for others has made me evaluate myself more often and become a better person because of it.

How do you balance your academic and co-curricular activities?

It takes a lot of time management. I need to plan ahead so that I know what I'm supposed to be doing and have time to meet deadlines, I make lists, set reminders in my phone, and leave sticky notes all over my room.

What advice would you give to a student thinking about getting involved?

Do it. Getting involved will keep you from sitting in your room and doing nothing but studying. It is a wonder way to branch out, make new friends, and be active, Being involved is fun, but it takes work to balance it with your classes.

How do you live by the SFA Way?

I show respect and care not just for my fellow lumberjacks, but everyone I meet. I take responsibility for my actions and to keep my integrity I try my nest to always remain honest with others and myself. I bleed purple and show my lumberjack pride every day. Herein lies my sense of unity with all things SFA.

In what ways do you plan to utilize your leadership skills after college?

I will need my leadership skills to be a successful engineer. When working and handling projects. I will have to work with a team, negotiate plans, and resolve conflicts on a daily basis.