Stephen F. Austin State University

Student Leader Spotlight

Katelyn Dobesh

Classification: Senior

Major: Math

Hometown: Sugarland, TX

Organization/Position: Student Affairs/ Purple Haze Association Student Director

What organizations and/or offices are you involved in? Purple Haze Association, Orientation Leader, and an SFA 101 Student Instructor

What have you gained from being a student leader?

By being a student leader on campus, I have grown as an individual, gained communication skills and had many opportunities that would not have been possible without being a student leader.

How do you balance your academic and co-curricular activities?

I live off of my paper calendar. It is color coordinated, I have post-it notes everywhere, and I keep the calendar with me at all times.

What advice would you give to a student thinking about getting involved?

Do it. Find something that you are passionate about and take risks. You only go to college once.

How do you live by the SFA Way?

I strive for personal excellence in everything I do. I respect and care for anyone that I come in contact with, I run the Purple Haze Association through teamwork and integrity, and I make responsible choices no matter what the situation.

In what ways do you plan to utilize your leadership skills after college?

Knowing how to plan and better manage my time will benefit me as a teacher. I will be able to talk in front of people with no issues, and continue to grow as a leader each and everyday.