Stephen F. Austin State University

Student Leader Spotlight

Stephanie Sogga

Classification: Junior

Major: Health Science

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Organization/Position: Student Engagement/ Panhellenic Board

What organizations and/or offices are you involved in? Dean of Student Affairs, Vice President of Programs for Panhellenic, Food Pantry, and SFA 101 Student Instructor.

What have you gained from being a student leader?

Friendships, leadership skills, communication skills, and time management skills.

How do you balance your academic and co-curricular activities?

Time management is key. My planner is my best friend. I have everything color coded and organized. Each test and class has its own color, to keep my dates organized.

What advice would you give to a student thinking about getting involved?

Do it. It makes you want to stay on campus. Being involved makes you feel like you are at home. You never want to get out. You learn so much about the campus and people that you may not have if you did not get involved.

How do you live by the SFA Way?

I strive for personal excellence in everything I do. Caring for fellow lumberjacks. Holding myself accountable for all of my responsibility. I am dependable because anytime I say I am going to do something, I follow through with it. Integrity is a big thing to me, I am honest with everything I do and like when others are the same. Unity with my peers in all organizations and things that I am involved in, help me grow as a person in a positive way. I am respectful of everyone that I come in contact with. I live the SFA way.

In what ways do you plan to utilize your leadership skills after college?

Networking through the relationships that I have made here. My leadership, communication, and time management skills I have gained from being a student leader will help me be a better professional in the real world.