Stephen F. Austin State University

Student Leader Spotlight

Dustie Alston

Classification: Senior

Major: Child Development

Hometown: Shepherd, TX

Organization/Position: Student Involvement Center/ Adviser

What organizations and/or offices are you involved in? Tau Beta Sigma, Jack's Council on Family Relations

What have you gained from being a student leader?

Time management skills and networking.

How do you balance your academic and co-curricular activities?

I have a planner that I carry everywhere with me. I also make to do lists that I keep in my planner.

What advice would you give to a student thinking about getting involved?

I would say that getting involved is very rewarding and will help you in your future careers.

How do you live by the SFA Way?

By always thinking of the other people around me, knowing that everything I do is a reflection of my parents and my loved ones. You never know who is watching, it may be me future boss or spouse.

In what ways do you plan to utilize your leadership skills after college?

I plan to keep my planner on me, put myself out there, speak up at all times and live by the Golden Rule.