Stephen F. Austin State University

Student Leader Spotlight

Amanda West

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Pre-Nursing

Hometown: Mabank, Texas

Organization/Position: Purple Haze Association; Student Director

What organizations and/or offices are you involved in? Purple Haze Association

What have you gained from being a student leader?

I have learned from being a student leader how to work with others as a team and come together to have a positive outcome for others.

How do you balance your academic and co-curricular activities?

I know that grades/school come first, so I study and complete assignments around my office hours. I love PHA, so I choose to spend my time either working or studying instead of watching Netflix. This gives me the opportunity to devote more time to PHA.

What advice would you give to a student thinking about getting involved?

DO IT! Getting involved is the best way to make friends and feel apart of something! Plus, on the days when life isn't great, you can turn to the people in your organization to make it better!

How do you live by the SFA Way?

I live the SFA Way by being responsible and respectful all the time. I have unity and integrity for my school and myself, along with PHA. I am also caring because I will be there for anyone and will do anything for someone that needs it!

In what ways do you plan to utilize your leadership skills after college?

In the future, I plan on being a NICU nurse. I will get to care of sweet babies and their families. Since I will be working with others, I will be able to work with them to come to a common understanding. These people will be my team, no matter what.