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Financial Literacy Training

Financial Literacy Training

SFA has partnered with the National Endowment for Financial Education to provide SFA students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make important decisions relating to personal finance matters, in accordance with S.B. 1590. The Office of Student Affairs Programs has partnered with NEFE's Cash Course to offer many useful tools for students.

The learning outcomes of these programs are as follows:

Visit Cash Course and create a student account to access the features.

Below you will find information relating to two areas from S.B. 1590 which are not covered by Cash Course.

Starting a Small Business

The U.S. Small Business Administration offers advice on starting and managing a small business.

Bankruptcy offers information about bankruptcy.

Information for Women Business Owners

Comprehensive resource for women business owners from

Financial Advisors

Student Financial Advisors are available to help you with your finances.

Jordan Jefferys

Phone: (936) 468-1663


Trecci Simmons

Phone: (936) 468-1663


Dillan Hemmenway

Phone: (936) 468-1663


Donovan Williams

Phone: (936) 468-1663


Dustin Harrison

Phone: (936) 468-1663



Thank you to the Office of Multicultural Affairs for their presentations related to financial literacy. Check back for a listing of related topics.

Center for Economic Education

Contact Information

Name: Nancy Shepherd

Phone: 936-468-1413


Visit: for more information

Additional Resources

Other valuable resources may be found on the following websites:

Private Student Loans Guide

This website offers information on Private Student loans.

Hands on Banking

This website offers resources for managing money.

Tips to Budgeting

This website offers helpful tips for saving money and budgeting while in college.

Texas Council on Economic Education

This website educates viewers on spending money wisely.

Students and Financial Literacy

This website provides resources for college students on managing their money.

Debt Calculator

This website can help college students calculate their debt, and understand their debt.

Ultimate Guide to Financial Literacy

Student Loan Consolidation

This website offers resources on student loan consolidation lenders.

At the conclusion of reviewing financial literacy resources, students should be able to: