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Job Request Forms

Job Request Forms

The job request form for the 2015 The BIG Event are now closed. If you have questions you can reach us at 936-468-2870 or e-mail at Please look forward a future The BIG Event in 2016.

Job Request Forms can be submitted online or filled out on paper and mailed to our office. The job requested must be something that a group of students could complete over a four-hour time period.

Once you submit a Job Request Form, a member of The BIG Event Planning Committee will contact you to schedule a site visit. Two students will come check out the potential job and will help us make an assessment of whether we can accept your job for this year's The BIG Event.

Due to safety restrictions and supply limits, not all job requests can be accepted.


SFA's The BIG Event is limited on the supplies it can provide to fulfill jobs. The supplies we are able to provide are restricted to:

We strongly discourage the use of power tools by our students. We also will not provide consumable supplies such as paint, nails or plants and flowers. If you are applying to ask students to paint or do landscaping, you must provide the consumable supplies. Job applicants are asked to provide as many supplies as possible and are encouraged to borrow tools from neighbors or family members for the day of the event.