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Interfraternity Council (IFC)

Interfraternity Council

The North-American Interfraternity Conference (IFC) is composed of 64 member organizations nationally with over 5500 chapters on 800 campuses. At the Stephen F. Austin State University, 16 chapters are currently represented at SFA;

IFC interacts among its members and the campus through meetings, social outlets, and philanthropic events.

The first meeting of the IFC was conducted on November 27, 1909. Twenty-six fraternities met at this conference to discuss the issues facing fraternities at the time. However, it was not until 1910 that there was a formal organization. The mission of the IFC is to advocate the needs of its members through enrichment of the fraternity experience, advancement, and growth of the fraternity community, and enhancement of the educational mission of the host institutions. The IFC is also committed to enhancing the benefits of fraternity membership.

Our member fraternities have many different offerings and values to instill in these men. It is a testament to our fraternities and their impact on these young men that IFC has enjoyed revitalization in the last few years. Academic achievement has remained a focus of the fraternities. IFC continues to reach out to the community through various philanthropic events that help develop and instill values into the young men that become involved in our member organizations.

Important Information

*If you have LESS THAN 12 college or dual credit hours, you must have a 2.75 GPA in order to register for recruitment.

*If you have 12 or MORE college or dual credit hours, you must have a 2.5 GPA in order to register for recruitment.

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Interfraternity Council

Students with Disabilities

The Office of Student Affairs Programs is committed to providing support for students with disabilities. If you are a student who needs an accommodation to attend or participate in one of our events or student organizations you are encouraged to stop by Room 325 in the Human Services Building to make your request. You may also call us at (936) 468-3004, TDD: (936) 468-1004.

If you have an accommodation request please see us as soon as possible, so we can make any arrangements necessary. Accommodations can only be arranged once a request has been submitted in writing to Disability Services. To the greatest extent possible, the Office of Student Affairs Programs shall observe confidentiality with respect to any request for accommodation.

Students who feel they have not been accommodated appropriately can appeal that decision utilizing the university appeals process.