Stephen F. Austin State University

Student Success Center

Welcome Lumberjacks!

We are so excited you have chosen Stephen F. Austin State University! Whether you are coming to us as a new freshman, a transfer, a returning student, or any other of the endless possibilities...WE ARE GLAD YOU ARE HERE!

Regardless of where and how you started, the Student Success Center is here to help you finish strong. We are comprised of critical resources that will help you during your SFA journey. The Academic Assistance and Resource Center (AARC) can help you find supplementary instruction for courses or assist in locating a free tutor for a specific class. The Academic Advising office will help you find a major that is an excellent fit for your personality, skills, and goals. The TSI (Texas Success Initiative) staff can assist in identifying English and Math classes appropriate for your current academic status. Finally, SFA 101 is a fabulous freshman seminar to aid first-year students in transitioning to college life. In addition to these resources and departments, we have a number of staff members to help you with anything you may need. Overall, our focus is to serve as the "university GPS" for students. Whether you are worried about your biology class, need help with the Business Office, or can't find the answer to a question, we are here to help! Our ultimate focus is YOU and guiding you all the way to graduation!

We are so happy you have chosen to become a Lumberjack! Now, let's tackle your degree and your dreams one class, one semester, one year at a time. The Student Success Center is here to challenge minds and change Lumberjack at a time! Welcome to SFA!

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