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Student Affairs for Support Services

Scope and Mission

Student Affairs for Support Services (SASS) is part of the Division for University Affairs under the Dean of Student Affairs. Departments in this area generally focus on student support and development for all Lumberjacks. Individual departments include Center for Career and Professional Development, Counseling, Disability Services, Health Services, Office for Student Rights and Responsibilities, Testing Services, and the Veterans Resource Center. We know college is an exciting time, full of opportunity and promise. However, sometimes transition into and through college can be challenging. Our staff members are eager to assist you in getting the most out of your college experience. We offer many services to help you succeed by assisting you in meeting your academic as well as your personal goals. Most services are free for students. If you are unsure about what to do or how to handle an issue, please contact one of our offices to help you get a handle on college life.

Support Services Departments

Center for Career and Professional Development

Located on the Third Floor of the Rusk building, the Center for Career and Professional Development exists to empower students and alumni to achieve life-long career success by guiding the creation, cultivation, and implementation of career plans through individualized assistance, innovative programming, and dynamic professional development opportunities.

Phone: 936.468.3305 E-mail:

Counseling Services

Located on the third floor of the Rusk building in room 322, Counseling is a free service for all currently enrolled students and is committed to promoting positive mental health and safety. Counseling Services assists SFA students in overcoming obstacles to their personal and academic goals. We accomplish this through individual and group counseling for students and through outreach, presentations, training and consultation for the campus community.

Phone: 936.468.2401 E-mail:

Disability Services

Located in the Human Services Building, room 325, Disability Services is committed to providing equal opportunities in higher education to academically qualified students with disabilities who demonstrate a reasonable expectation of college success. Disabled students attending this University will be integrated as completely as possible into the University community. The University shares responsibility with the student for modifying campus facilities and programs to meet individual needs. Students with disabilities at Stephen F. Austin State University have access to tools and resources that will assist them in managing the day-to-day activities of college life.

Phone: 936.468.3004 E-mail:

Health Services

Located on the S.E. corner of Raguet and East College Streets, the Health Services clinic is an outpatient medical facility offering preventive and medical services to all currently enrolled students. SFA's health clinic offers a full range of medical services, from checkups and preventive care to immunizations to contraceptives and STD testing. Our staff of experienced, licensed physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioners and certified lab technicians will help ensure that your time at SFA is happy and healthy.

Phone: 936.468.4008 E-mail:

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Located on the third floor of the Rusk building in room 315, the mission of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities is to guide student conduct in a manner that provides a foundation for success, a commitment to responsible citizenship and a desire to make positive lifestyle choices based on the core values of integrity, honesty, accountability, civility and respect.

Phone: 936.468.2703 E-mail:

Testing Services

Located on the third floor of the Rusk building in room 328, Testing Services promotes the institutional mission of Stephen F. Austin State University and the Division of University Affairs by providing opportunities for students and community members to develop self-knowledge concerning academic and professional goals. Through various local, state and national testing programs, individuals will realistically identify, assess, understand and pursue their competencies, course placement, and career opportunities. Testing Services maintains ethical guidelines and standards that govern the profession.

Phone: 936.468.3958 E-mail:

Veterans Resource Center

The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) at SFA provides a space for veterans to gather, socialize and form relationships with other veterans that can provide networks of support that lead to feelings of inclusion at SFA. This space will be a hub for veterans programming efforts that can include connections with veteran faculty members and access to veterans' resources provided by the university and outside agencies.

Phone: 936.468.6494 E-mail:

Lumberjacks Care Center

Located in the McKibben Building room 304, the Lumberjacks Care Center is a central resource for information regarding Title IX policies and the prevention and response to sexual violence, interpersonal violence, sexual harassment, and gender discrimination on campus. Lumberjacks Care The SFA Way.

Phone: 936.468.8292 E-mail:

Related Programs and Services

Related Programs and Services

Report an ADA Compliance Concern

This link is designed to report ADA compliance/discrimination concerns that impact persons with disabilities. For academic or program accommodations contact Disability Services at (936) 468-3004; for employment related accommodations contact Human Resources at (936) 468-2304.

Title IX Compliance

The Lumberjacks Care website provides information regarding the university's Title IX responsibilities. Reporting options as well as information regarding the prevention and response to sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking can be found on this site.

Psycho-educational presentations

Counseling Services coordinates and provides a number of psycho-educational and prevention focused presentations on topics that impact our campus.

Student Employee Recognition

Career Services and Omicron Delta Kappa coordinate the recognition of student employees across campus.