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Get Ahead: Let Summer Work for You

Did you know? Taking 12 credits per semester puts you on a five-year plan for a bachelor’s degree.

Because 12 hours is the minimum amount to be considered a full-time student, many Lumberjacks have the impression that it automatically puts them on track to graduate within four years.

The math is clear: It takes "15 to Finish." In order to graduate within four years, you must take at least 15 credits per semester or 30 credits per year.

Use summer courses to catch up or get ahead!

Enroll in Summer Classes

Sharpen your focus and bring your future closer by enrolling in one of our fast-paced online summer courses.

Our expert professors are here to help you!

  • Build Your Perfect Schedule. Combine your favorite summer activities with convenient online classes at SFA. Have your fun in the sun while conveniently earning course credits.
  • Catch Up/Move Ahead. Still have core requirements you need to complete? Or are you behind in your field of study? SFA's summer session offerings have you covered with the classes you need. Summer is also a great time to take a class for a minor field of study you might be considering.
  • Maximize Your Vacation Time. There’s no need to cancel your vacation plans. Through our online offerings, earn college credits anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • Improve Your GPA. Knock out the most strenuous course in your degree program this summer. Smaller class sizes, concentrated instruction and fewer distractions can help you mark this class off your “to do” list.
  • Move Closer to Graduation. Taking courses during the summer can put you on the fast track to your degree and speed up the time to completion. The more quickly you complete your degree, the sooner you can begin to work and move up in your career.

Summer 2020 Early Registration Schedule

Beginning 7 a.m. Monday, March 23, registration opens according to classification.

Graduate, Postgraduate, Special Groups: 7 a.m. Monday, March 23
Seniors - minimum 90 earned hours: 7 a.m. Tuesday, March 24
Juniors - minimum 60 earned hours: 7 a.m. Wednesday, March 25
Sophomores - minimum 30 earned hours: 7 a.m. Thursday, March 26
Freshmen: 7 a.m. Friday, March 27

Note: Your classification is determined based on your completed hours and does not include classes in the current semester.

Earn free on-campus SFA summer housing

You could earn credit equal to the cost of summer housing applied to your fall housing costs. How? By staying on-campus at SFA this summer!

The deadline to apply for the Summer Housing Rebate is May 1.


Contact your advisor regarding any questions you have about attending SFA in the summer. To locate your advisor's contact information:

  1. Log in to mySFA
  2. Select the "Advising" tab
  3. Locate the "My Advisor" block



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