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Student Questions or Complaints

Student Complaints or Questions

The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs can provide guidance to a student who believes that there is reason to make a complaint. The Dean of Student Affairs' office can assist students by helping them determine the nature of the complaint and/or the appropriate faculty or staff member or department to discuss/receive the initial complaint. In most instances a student should first make a complaint informally by talking with the faculty or staff member involved in the situation. If this discussion proves unsatisfactory, a formal complaint may be made. All official complaints must be made in writing.

Have a Complaint or Compliment? Tell Jack!

Students who decide to make a complaint may use Tell Jack. This program is designed for you to tell us about any concerns, complaint or compliments about your experience at SFA. You can also use it to recognize those individuals or departments that have provided you with excellent customer service.

Have a Question and Don't Know Whom to Ask? Ask Jack!

College can be a confusing time. If you have questions and you don't know whom to ask, Ask Jack! If you would prefer to meet personally with the Dean of Student Affairs, call (936) 468-7249 to schedule an appointment or visit during the Dean's open office hours, Tuesdays and Fridays, 4pm-5pm.