Stephen F. Austin State University

Week of Reflection

The Week of Reflection at S F A

Confucius wrote, "Knowledge without thought is labor lost." By this standard, it is often disheartening how much effort is wasted on college campuses each year. There are many depressing statistics about how little students retain of what they hear, read or do. Plenty of others have worried about the consumerist notions of education that seem so common today that conspire to relegate student learning to mere vocational training in which the diploma is the ultimate goal. The result is that students expect less and less to be transformed by their college experiences. The value of education, like that of cars, appears to plummet the moment it leaves the proverbial showroom floor.

In response, the Teaching Excellence Center and the Division of University Affairs present "A Week of Reflection." This event is intended to encourage students to pause and reflect upon everything that they have learned both inside and outside of the classroom this year and how it has changed them.

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