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JackAlert Campus Notification System

JackAlert Campus Notification

The Department of Public Safety Emergency Management Division is the primary issuer of campus alerts. This campus notification system is in compliance with the Clery Act requirement for Timely Notifications to provide students, faculty and staff with timely notification of crimes that represent a serious or continuing threat to the campus community and heighten awareness. You may review the Timely Warning Policy here.

The JackAlert Emergency Notification System provides us with enhanced capabilities when issuing campus alerts. The alerts will continue to be available to the campus user via text message, voice call, email, Facebook, and Twitter, but now adds Television alerts as well. If your television is connected to the campus Cable TV provider and has the appropriate tuner installed in it, then a scrolling message will appear on the television screen when an alert is issued.

How To Register

Currently enrolled students and current employees can register to receive JackAlerts by logging onto mySFA and clicking the red "Register to get Campus Alerts" button on the right side of the screen. This directs you to the JackAlert device page where you can register and manage your devices.

When you access the JackAlert page, you will see that your SFA issued email address has been pre-loaded. This email address cannot be changed as it is used to verify your status as a current student or employee.

What Devices Can I Register?

You may register:
* Cell phones to receive text messages and voice calls
* Home or office phones to receive voice calls, and
* E-mail addresses other than your SFA account You can register up to three devices or addresses in each category.
This will allow you to add parents, guardians, and/or spouses if you want them to receive alerts also. The two numbers used when reciving text alert are 67283 and 226787. Users should save these numbers in their contact list under JackAlert.

Television Alert Broadcast

The Department of Public Safety now has the ability to broadcast JackAlert Campus Notification on any television connected to the campus Cable TV Provider and has the appropriate tuner installed. The broadcast alerts will scroll across the bottom of the TV screen several times to allow ample opportunity to read the alert.

Will the Outdoor Siren System be Changed?

The outdoor system does not change in any way, and will continue to be tested monthly. JackAlert only complements the outdoor siren/speaker system.

Addition of Facebook and Twitter

In addition to JackAlert, the University will also issue alert information on Facebook and Twitter.

The Department of Public Safety will also use Facebook to communicate non-emergency information to the campus community. We will post the Daily Crime Log, list Training Opportunities, provide Clery Act Information (Right to Know), and post other information that might be helpful.

To receive Facebook alerts and information, "like" us at:

To receive Twitter alerts and information, "follow" us at:!/SFAPoliceDept

Need Help?

If you need assistance, contact the Department of Public Safety at

Outdoor Siren System

The Outdoor Siren System is designed to alert the campus to an imminent threat of weather, environmental hazards outdoors, or an active emergency. Sirens are located on the roof of the Ralph W. Steen Library. While the sirens may be heard inside of some buildings on campus, the system is designed to provide audible alert outdoors.

When will the sirens be sounded?

Sirens will be sounded when there is an imminent threat to the campus. This may include:

What do the alert tones sound like?

To listen to a sample of what you will hear when the outdoor sirens are activated, make sure that sound is enabled on your computer, then click:

What do I do when the Weather Alert Tone sounds?

If you here the Weather Alert Tone:

What do I do when the active danger alert tone sounds?

If you hear the active danger alert tone:

Situations of this type are unique and develop quickly. It is impossible to prescribe a course of action appropriate for every potential incident.

Monthly Testing

The siren system will be tested on the first Wednesday of each month at approximately 11:55 a.m. A notice of the test will be issued using the JackAlert system to both notify the campus of the pending test and to test the JackAlert system.

Both the weather alert and active danger alert tones will be sounded during the test. These alert tones will be preceded by a spoken message announcing that a test of the system is about to occur.

Should threatening weather be near the campus at that time, campus safety officials may choose to cancel the test to avoid any possible confusion regarding weather conditions.

If you hear the monthly system test notice and test tones pay attention to the tones so you can recognize them better in case of an actual emergency situation - no other action is necessary.