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Creating Accessible HTML/CSS Files

HTML and CSS are the backbone of websites. Since they are so foundational, make sure your pages are accessible by using some of the validators and plugins below. We have also listed some tutorials to help you write clean code.

Making HTML Files Accessible - Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, Georgia Tech University

This extensive online tutorial covers how to make the most common elements in HTML documents accessible for individuals with disabilities.

Accessibility in Adobe Dreamweaver

The official Adobe site offers a complete set of descriptions, tools, and plugins to make Dreamweaver produce accessible web pages.

Adobe Accessibility Blogs

Adobe's blog is a good source for up-to-date news regarding Adobe products, including Flash, Dreamweaver, and Acrobat PDF.

(X)HTML and CSS Code Validators

Validators check the accuracy of Web documents in a variety of coding languages such as HTML, XHTML, SMIL, CSS, and can even be used to check broken links. Make sure your website consistently remains accessible and usable by using some of these tools on a regularly scheduled basis.