Stephen F. Austin State University

The SFA Way

"…striving for personal excellence in everything that we do."

At Stephen F. Austin State University, our faculty, staff, alumni and students believe in doing things "The SFA Way." We expect the best from ourselves and from each other, and we hold each other accountable when we fail to maintain these standards.

Root Principles

Grounded in the five "Root Principles" below, members of the SFASU community seeks to strive for personal excellence in everything that we do.

The Principle of Respect:

Lumberjacks command respect and treat others with respect • They are considerate of others and tolerant of differences • They demonstrate respect for those around them by avoiding the use of offensive or profane language • They do not threaten or harm anyone and deal peacefully and civilly with conflict.

The Principle of Caring:

Lumberjacks think of the needs of others and seek to improve the quality of life of those around them • They are compassionate, empathic and kind • They respond with humility to those they have helped and express gratitude freely to those who help them • Lumberjacks prepare themselves to become leaders in their communities and workplaces • They dedicate themselves to excellence in their chosen field of study and to using what they learn in the service of others.

The Principle of Responsibility:

Lumberjacks do what is right • They persevere in times of adversity • Through self-control and self-discipline, they strive to do their best • Lumberjacks challenge each other to exceed expectations • They are active learners both inside and outside of the classroom • They are reliable; they do what they say they will do • Lumberjacks hold themselves accountable for their decisions •

The Principle of Unity:

Lumberjacks are loyal to their friends, family, university, state and country • Lumberjacks stand together against any adversary • They recognize that though we are very different from one another, we are united by the Lumberjack Spirit. Lumberjacks seek to understand the people and world around them • When one lumberjack fails, all fail • When one lumberjack succeeds, all succeed.

The Principle of Integrity:

Lumberjacks have the courage to do what is right, even when it is hard or unpopular • They respond to each situation with steadfast values that are not subject to change based on the actions of others • They seek opportunities to practice effective and ethical leadership • Lumberjacks are honest; they do not deceive, cheat or steal • Lumberjacks stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves • As lifelong learners, lumberjacks are committed to continuously improving themselves.