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The success of students is at the core of all we do at Stephen F. Austin State University. In order to assist students with timely completion of their degrees, the University is utilizing the Student Success Collaborative and SSC Campus. SSC Campus is an academic advising tool that utilizes predictive analytics to assess if a student is likely to complete their selected degree. It identifies students who are at risk of failing to complete their degrees and suggests roadmaps to a degree based on the student's academic strengths and past successes.

Research Resources

The Student Success Collaborative and SSC Campus are tools developed by the Education Advisory Board (EAB). The EAB provides best practice research and practical advice regarding academic affairs, business affairs, student affairs, advancement, continuing, online, and professional education, and community colleges across North America. You will have access to their extensive catalog of research in best practices and data analysis.

FAQs for Student Success Advising Tool

1. How do I get access to the advising tool?
Access is given based upon your access in Banner. If you are faculty or an advisor, access is automatically given based upon those roles and you will use your mySFA credentials to log into the advising tool. If you are unable to log in, check with your department to make sure you have the required access in Banner.
2. Can I bookmark the login page?
Yes, you may bookmark the login page but you need to follow these steps for it to work properly:
3. How do I register with the Education Advisory Board (EAB) to access the system and review any materials?
  • Navigate your browser to
  • Click on "Member Login" on the top left-hand corner
  • Click "New user?"

Search for Stephen F. Austin and enter your email address and other corresponding information to complete your registration

4. How do I create a worklist?
Click here for a brief tutorial on how to create a worklist.
5. Why are the enrollment numbers higher in the platform than the actual numbers for the current semester?
The enrollment numbers in the platform contain students who are not currently enrolled but attempted a course within the last 365 days. It includes admitted students, even if they have not registered at SFASU; however, these students will be removed once the last day to register has passed.
6. How often is the content on the site refreshed or updated?
Updates occur daily prior to 8:00 a.m. (CT); therefore, there may be a slight delay in when an activity occurs that is reflected in Banner before it appears in the platform.
7. When I log out of the platform I stay logged in anyway. Why?
SFA uses a single sign on method called CAS (Central Authentication Service) that uses your mySFA credentials to log in to the platform. Once you are logged in to CAS you are able to get to any other program that is set up using single sign on without having to log in each time. To end your log in to any of these programs, you will need to close your browser completely or actually log out of CAS; otherwise, you stay logged in to the platform.
8. Where can I find additional information about the Education Advisory Board's Student Success Collaborative?
Click here to access an FAQ on the EAB site.
9. Who should I contact if I have a question about the overall student success initiative and any associated processes or procedures?
10. Who should I contact if I have a question about my permission settings, site configurations, or data discrepancies?
Contact the System Administrators at
11. Who do I contact if I would like assistance with EAB research, risk modeling, data analysis and interpretation, or future platform development?

Contact one of the EAB representatives below:

12. Who should I contact if I am experiencing site issues and get an error message once l am logged in to the site?
Send an email to


Program Owner

Mark Guidry
Associate Provost

System Administrators

Trina Menefee
College of Sciences and Mathematics
Academic Advisor

Jessica Boone
College of Liberal and Applied Arts
Academic Advisor