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Our students are truly one of a kind. SFA’s Division of Multidisciplinary Programs offers Lumberjacks the opportunity to truly forge their own academic path and combine coursework from a variety of disciplines. And while their programs of study may be different, there’s one thing that all of our graduates have in common: They are all making a difference in the world.

Mario Morera, PhD, Class of ‘08
Visiting Assistant Professor, SFA

Mario Morera, PhD, Class of ‘08

As a student in the Master of Interdisciplinary Studies program, Mario Morera pursued a program of high-quality courses on topics including hybrid cultures, globalization, technological revolution, international free trade agreements, dictatorships, post-colonialism, drug trafficking and transculturation of Latin American societies. His coursework in the Master of Interdisciplinary Studies program helped prepare him for his current career as a study abroad coordinator.  

Travis Cox, Class of ‘15
Graduate Student, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Travis Cox, Class of ‘15

Travis Cox pursued a Bachelor of Arts in liberal studies because it allowed him to design a unique course of study composed of psychology, sociology and religious studies. After he earned his degree from SFA, Travis worked for Nacogdoches-based nonprofit Love, Inc., where he served as coordinator for the program’s Adopt-A-Building program. In 2017, he moved to Missouri to enroll in graduate school. 


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