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NOTE: Due to a reduction in resources, the Lumberjack Fitness Academy program isn't offered at this time, but it may return as part of our programming in the future.


Welcome to the Lumberjack Fitness Academy. This Wellness program is open to full- and part-time students, faculty and staff members, focusing on getting you healthier through fitness and nutrition while providing you with many of the great resources SFA has to offer.

Testimonials: Past Participants

Impact by the numbers

Since the inaugural Lumberjack Fitness academy in fall 2015, participants have reported improvements in the following areas:

Percentage of Participants Area of Improvement
99% Overall health
88% Quality of sleep
84% Ability to manage stress

Testimonials from past participants

Note: The Lumberjack Fitness Academy prides itself on discretion and participant privacy. Any identifying information in our testimonials was approved by the participants prior to posting.

“The program was motivating and removed typical barriers (i.e., excuses) for those who know they need a healthier life. The pre-assessment and access to trainers was key in helping me understand the equipment and set expectations and goals for myself.”
Jamie Derrick – Department of Management and Marketing

"This program really helped me step out of my comfort zone and get into the Rec Center. It was just the push that I needed! I am not focusing on my weight, just my overall health, strength and body condition."
- Donna Matheny – Department of Anthropology, Geography, and Sociology

"Absolutely would recommend to others! The motivation of having pre- and post-testing, access to equipment, and most importantly, access to a personal trainer is a terrific employee benefit."
Dianna Coldiron – College of Liberal & Applied Arts

"I would absolutely recommend. I have never been a 'gym person,' so meeting with my trainer really helped me to get familiar with the equipment and learn proper weight training techniques. The nutrition seminars were also helpful."
Colleen Gallagher – General Counsel

"Where else can you get individualized attention and access to great resources for the price. Being able to meet with the dietician allowed for individualized questions about how to maximize my nutrition while adding variety to my diet and learning great options on campus for lunch.  Also my trainer created a workout program that fit my personal goals and supported recommendations from the my chiropractor. Joining the Lumberjack Fitness Academy is A NO BRAINER!!"
Leslie West – JacksTeach

Application Process

  • Complete and submit the Lumberjack Fitness Academy application (unavailable for 2021-22)
  • Participants will be chosen based on their commitment to follow the program and desire to gain health improvement.
  • If selected for the Lumberjack Fitness Academy, you will be informed via email.
  • You will receive a Campus Recreation membership mid-September through December as part of the program.

Participant Fee

There is a $90 (member) or $140 (non-member) fee to participate in the Lumberjack Fitness Academy that must be paid by the stated deadline.

Program Completion Perks

You can receive an extended Campus Recreation membership for the months of January and February by:

  • attending one of the informational meetings once accepted
  • completing a fitness pre- and post-assessment
  • working out at least three times a week
  • attending one of the two wellness seminars offered
  • and completing the program post-survey.

Attend at least two Group Axe classes per week and be entered in to win a free chair massage!

Schedule of Activities

Complete the following activities.

Information Meeting: Campus Rec meeting room
Date and time TBA

Dates TBA: Schedule and attend appointments with:

Wellness Seminars:
Attend one of the two wellness seminars. Details of the seminars will be posted closer to the academy start date.

Personal Training Sessions:
Attend up to three one-on-one sessions with your assigned personal trainer. Sessions are approximately 60-minutes in length.  

Dates TBA:

Fitness Assessment
To evaluate your fitness level and gauge your progress at the end of the program, you are required to undergo a pre- and post-assessment completed by one of Campus Rec’s certified personal trainers. Our trainer will also guide you through a 60-minute session emphasizing the five components of fitness: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition.

Personal Training
Your assigned personal trainer will also guide you through three 60-minute sessions emphasizing the five components of fitness: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition.

Workout sessions
As part of your membership, you must work out for at least three 30-minute sessions per week.

The Campus Recreation Department strictly enforces a set of policies, regardless of facility space, program area or event.



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