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College of Education Graduation Information

The information provided is intended for students whose major is within the James I. Perkins College of Education.

**Applying for graduation and attending a commencement ceremony does not guarantee completion of a degree. The student will need to complete all requirements of their degree; including, but not necessarily limited to, all required courses and meeting requirements for their program major(s) and minor(s) GPA(s) for degree conferment.

Applying for Graduation

When an undergraduate student in the College of Education is ready to apply for graduation, they will need to request and obtain their "Intent to Graduate" form from their Academic Advisor. This form is obtained through a scheduled advising session. During the advising appointment, the advisor will verify that the student is on track to meet the requirements needed to apply for an upcoming graduation. The student will bring their "Intent to Graduate" form to the Office of the Registrar in Rusk 201 and then apply for graduation.

The application dates for requesting a Graduation Audit are determined by the time of your intended commencement. Please refer to the list below:

MAY Commencement - Applications are taken September 15 through November 15 of prior year.

AUGUST Commencement - Applications are taken January 2 through March 2 of same year.

DECEMBER Commencement - Applications are taken April 1 through June 1 of same year.

*Late Applications will be accepted by the posted deadlines as listed here. Late applications fees will be applied.

- Students in an online program or graduate program will need to email their program coordinator for assistance with completion of their graduation application

Detailed information regarding Graduation Instructions and Deadlines is available on the Graduation Office website.

Once the final graduation audit is processed and ready for student review, the student will receive an email to the mySFA @jacks email account.

Transfer Proof of Enrollment

Students enrolled in their last semester, prior to graduation, must provide their Academic Advisor a transcript with any transfer courses completed on it and/or proof of enrollment in courses currently being taken at another college or university. The deadlines to provide proof of enrollment are as follows:

MAY graduation- March 1st

AUGUST graduation- May 1st

DECEMBER graduation- October 1st

*Failure to comply with these deadlines will result in the student being moved to the next available graduation date.

*Please note: upon successful completion of a course at another college or university, the student must have their completed official transcript sent to SFASU. It is the responsibility of the student to verify SFA has received all final official transcripts by the final deadline required for degree conferment as required by the Registrar's Office. For current deadlines, students can contact their advisor through their mySFA @jacks email account or call the Graduation Office at 936-468-2501.

Holds on Account

All students who have applied for an upcoming graduation will have holds which remain on their account through completed degree conferment. We are unable to remove an "Academic Registration Hold" for a student who has applied to graduate, unless they have an extenuating circumstance. For inquiries regarding this hold, students may email their undergraduate Academic Advisor through their mySFA @jacks email account for assistance.

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Information from the Office of the Registrar regarding the "Applied to Graduate" hold:

A registration hold will be placed on your account. The hold description is "Applied to Graduate" and the reason description is the month and year in which you plan to graduate. This hold is to prevent you from registering for any term after the one in which you plan to graduate.

Commencement and Diplomas

Information regarding the commencement ceremony and final diplomas is available on the Graduation Office website.


Information included was obtained directly from the Registrar Office website.


*The use of mySFA to obtain an unofficial transcript is only available to currently enrolled students*

More detailed information regarding ordering an unofficial transcript can be found online here.



There are 3 Ways to Request a Transcript:

  1. Online Order
  2. Mail In Request
  3. In Person

More detailed information regarding ordering an official transcript can be found online here.