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Purchase Requisition

Requisitions are entered on-line by the department.

After approval of the requisition, the order is completed by Purchasing.

When goods have been received or services rendered, the department must enter receiving information in the system. The receiving entry is the approval for payment of the order. The only orders that do not require a receiving entry are orders to be prepaid and reimbursements to employees.

The Accounts Payable department will process payment within the state guidelines upon receipt of proper documentation as follows:

Regular Orders - invoice from the vendor

If the order is for advertisement, a tear sheet (page from the publication with the ad displayed) must be included with the invoice. Web ads should be printed from the website.

Contracted Services - copy of signed contract.

If the contract allows partial payments during the term of the contract, an invoice must be provided. Reimbursement of actual expenses requires original receipts.

Reimbursements (employees only) - original receipts taped to 8 " x 11" paper.

Write the purchase order or requisition number on the paper, along with the name of the individual to be reimbursed.

Memberships - completed original application form.

The portion to be submitted to the organization will be mailed with the check.

Prepaid Orders - proforma invoice or order form from the vendor

Vendors are instructed to send an original invoice to the Accounts Payable Department. If the invoice is enclosed with the order or mailed to the department, the original invoice should be date stamped and forwarded immediately to Accounts Payable. Payment cannot be processed without an invoice or other documentation described above.

Contact Information • office: (936) 468-2303 • fax: (936) 468-2207

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