3-Peat Tuition

The Texas Legislature eliminated funding to institutions of higher education for students enrolled in courses that are attempted three or more times. An attempted course is any course in which a grade is earned, a repeated course, or a course dropped after the census date (12th class day in fall or spring semesters, 4th class day in summer terms, 2nd class day in Maymester or sessions of five weeks or less).

In order to compensate for this loss of state funding, students attempting a course for the third or more time will be required to pay an additional $200.00 per semester credit hour for the repeated course. In assessing this charge, courses attempted at any other Texas public college or university will be considered.

Exemptions for repeated hours for attempted courses are as follows:

  • Up to 18 hours of remedial and development courses.
  • Hours for special topics and seminar courses that may be taken for additional credit toward a degree.
  • Hours for courses that involve different or more advanced content each time they are taken, including but not limited to, individual music lessons, Workforce Education Courses, manual special topic courses(when the topics change), theater practicum, music performance, ensembles, certain physical education, kinesiology courses, and studio art.
  • Hours for independent study courses.
  • Classes taken prior to the Fall of 2002.
  • A student shall be exempted from payment of higher tuition for any course repeated in the final semester or term before graduation, if the course(s) is taken for the purpose of receiving a grade that will satisfy a degree requirement. This exemption applies for only one semester. The exemption does not affect an institution’s ability to charge a higher tuition rate for courses that cannot be reported for funding for other reasons such as the excess credit hour limit.

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