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Instructions for Individual Traveler Charge Card Application

For State of Texas Use Only


The sections to be completed by applicant:

D) Provide the REQUIRED Cardholder information requested, noting the character limitations for each field.

Name Line 2 should contain the state agency code & name that is embossed on the cards and as you completed on your agency profile form.

The residential address, Social Security number and Date of Birth are required fields and MUST be completed for the application to be processed. If the billing address is different than the residential address the billing address section should be completed.

E) Use of the Card will be subjected to the language contained in the application and the language contained in the Corporate Card and Corporate Travel Charge Cardmember Agreement, which will be sent with each card issued. Card usage will also be subject to the contract between the State of Texas and your agency/university’s internal policies.

F) For all applications submitted, a cardholder signature will be required AND a Program Administrator’s name and verification ID number are required for processing. In accordance with the Contract, the State Agency is required to retain the signed application in accordance with the agencies retention schedule policy.

SFASU does not require Department/Supervisor signature on application; however, it is required on the Card Use Agreement to be returned with application.

The Program Administrator should insert specific instructions to the applicant for forwarding of the application.

Contact Information • (936) 468-2462 • (936) 468-6314 • fax: (936) 468-2207

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