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Travel Card (T-Card)

The state-issued Travel Card (T-Card) is to be used for certain travel charges related to official state business. Use of the card for personal business or personal travel is considered a violation of state policy, Travel Guidelines, and the employee may be subject to disciplinary action.

The T-Card should be used only for certain travel-related expenses according to the T-Card Program Guide . This includes registration fees, airfare, lodging expenses, and rental car charges. Other type charges may be allowed if approved by the travel office. Employees using the T-Card agree to be bound by the state and university policies governing the use of the card. The T-Card is assigned to an SFA employee to be used for the cardholder’s travel expenses. Each traveler needs to use their own travel card for their own travel-related expenses. T-Card charges are uploaded to the Concur software to the specific cardholder (Traveler). These charges must be reconciled to the traveler’s expense report only.



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