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Referral Guide for Faculty & Staff

Counseling Services is staffed with five full-time professional counselors who provide individual, group and couples counseling to SFA students, information and consultation to faculty and staff, and presentations on various mental health topics. Counseling Services also offers QPR Training to all members of the campus community to teach suicide prevention skills.

Obviously, resolving situational or mental health issues will help a student achieve academically and intervening early with mental health issues will help keep our campus safe for everyone. SFA faculty demonstrates its care for our students by identifying and referring students who may benefit from our resources. We appreciate your help in making students aware of the services we provide. Please note that that we ask for the appointment to be made by the student seeking services. Thank you for what you do!

How do I know a student needs help?

There will be times when the need for intervention is unmistakable, but sometimes the signs are more subtle. You may notice changes in attendance, behavior, appearance, or grades. (Some of these may be issues that you address through the "iCare" system, but also feel the need to respond personally.) Or you may overhear comments, or something written in an assignment causes concern.

The following are likely indications that a student may need attention:

What Can I Do?

Additional Options and Good Things to Know

Referral Resources are available and students can be referred to agencies and services for other specialized services. To view a printable list of community providers, click the link on the left hand side of our website under "Other Info" that is labeled: Community Providers.

Learn about resources, both on-campus and off-campus, so that you can suggest the most appropriate referral.
Clarify your own feelings about the student and consider the ways you can be most effective.

Faculty and staff can submit early alerts for a variety of reasons through the Student Rights and Responsibilities SSC Campus Platform.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact the University Police Department in the case of an emergency and/or is you believe a student is unable to maintain their own safety or has intentions of harming someone else.