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Interpreting Request/Accommodation Procedures

Interpreting Request/Accommodation Procedures

Stephen F. Austin State University Interpreting Request/Accommodation Procedures


Policies and Guidelines

The Office for Disability Services (ODS) at Stephen F. Austin State University provides American Sign Language interpreting services for eligible students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing that are registered with ODS. These same services are also available for faculty, staff and campus events.
The following are policies for the provision of these services.

Service Requests

All requests for interpreting services are made through ODS. Therefore, all inquiries and requests from any student, faculty or staff member must be referred to Disability Services. Requests can be made using the link below and inquires may be made by telephone, 936.468.3004, fax 936.468.1368 or e-mail at All academic requests must be made 2 days (48 hours) in advance.

Service Priority

In accordance with federal and university mandates and due to the numbers of requests, ODS has established the following order of eligibility of services:

  1. Academic - This includes classes, field trips, study groups, required attendance at special events, meetings with advisors or professors, tutorials, etc. This also includes training events sponsored by Continuing Education.
  2. Events sponsored by chartered student organizations - This includes programs, concerts, workshops, induction or recognition ceremonies, meetings, etc.
  3. Special events sponsored by colleges or departments within the university including conferences, guest lecturers, special performances, recognition ceremonies, celebrations, etc.
  4. Human Resources requests for staff, faculty or GA positions. - This includes staff meetings, professional development, performance evaluations, recognition ceremonies, etc.

Due to the limited availability of American Sign Language interpreters, ODS has set the following criteria for the prioritization for service provision for non-academic events:

  1. Initial request date - Early requests are given higher priority. Although ODS will make every attempt to fill requests for interpreter service, there is no guarantee for any request submitted less than one week (7 days) prior to the event.  Scripted events follow the same time requirements for theatrical performances listed below.
  2. Promptness in providing necessary information is a factor in determining priority. Day and date of event, begin and end time, location, name of sponsor, name of contact person and phone number/e-mail address are all considered necessary information. A copy of the program, conference brochure and related materials must be provided as soon as possible. In the event of a theatrical performance, a copy of the script must be provided at least one week (7 days) in advance.
  3. The Interpreting Services Coordinator will assign the interpreters providing the service in the order the requests are made. If a scheduling conflict occurs assignments will be made based on the above priorities.

Guidelines for Determining the Need for Interpreting Services

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), services must be provided if request for accommodation is made by a person attending the event. Although every attempt will be made to secure interpreters for such a request, there is no guarantee of service provision if a request is made less than one week (7 days) for standard requests as well as scripted/theatrical events. 

Event Planning Guidelines

If it is certain that interpreters will be used during the program, include the pictorial symbol above in promotional and registration materials. This will alert individuals who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing that this service will be provided. The following is suggested language to be used with this symbol:

  1. "Interpreting services will be provided upon request. Please contact the interpreter coordinator in Disability Services at 936.468.3004 to request services." This language is recommended for events requiring pre-registration such as conferences, workshops or events with limited seating.
  2. "Interpreting services will be provided." This language is recommended for any special event on campus that is open to the student body and/or the general public and attendance of more than one hundred (100) is expected and has an interpreter scheduled as part of the overall planning of the event.

Provide seating for the individuals who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing in the front with an unobstructed view of the stage/speaker to provide simultaneous viewing of message and message provider.

Billing Procedure

There is no charge for interpreting in academic classrooms or labs. The fee for American Sign Language Interpreting services for any non-academic event will be charged per hour per interpreter. Any assignment longer than one hour or an assignment less than one hour with complex content may require a team of two interpreters. This fee applies to requests for all employment related events such as meetings and training. This fee also applies to revenue generating events such as conferences and workshops sponsored by colleges and departments.

The School of Theatre will not be billed for performances interpreted as a course-related requirement. The department will be charged for interpreter requests made for general patrons.

Cancellation Policy

If the service is a billable event, ODS will not bill for services if the request is cancelled forty eight (48) hours prior to the event.

ODS will needs necessary information (see Service Priority) to meet the request.  ODS may not be able to provide the service if needed information is not provided within one week (7 days) of special event or an event that requires scripts. The coordinator will work closely with the person requesting the interpreting services however; The ODS reserves the right to cancel non-academic services if necessary information (see Service Priority) is not provided within five days of special event.

Events requiring a script may be cancelled if script is not provided within four (4) days of the event.

Interpreter/Accommodation Request Form

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